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Banner Kings is a suite of features to deepen non-combat gameplay. Populations, feudal titles, village projects, settlement management overhaul & more.

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • German
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Github is the default information source for the mod and contains more info than the Nexus page.

  • What is Banner Kings? Banner Kings is a suite of systems to deepen non-combat gameplay. It heavily revolves around settlement management and kingdom gameplay. Banner Kings draws ideas heavily from Paradox games, mainly Crusader Kings.
  • What Banner Kings:
    • A mod that heavily alters the economy;
    • A mod that adds a variety of systems that run in parallel and in conjunction to the base game, such as education, titles and population systems;
    • A mod that can be sub-modded by other mods, such as Banner Kings: Cultures Expanded.
  • What Banner Kings IS NOT:
    • A mod that alters the map in any way, shape or form;
    • A mod that alters factions;
    • A mod that alters cultures;
    • A mod that adds, removes or changes troops in any way;
    • A mod that adds, removes or adds clans from starting campaign.
  • How do I install the mod? Dependencies? Crash on campaign start? Installation
  • Works adding to savegames? Yes, but BK is optimized for game start.
  • How do I use the mod? You can get some insight from the wiki. Better explanations on some key doubts are being made. You can also use Discord to ask questions and often other uses will answer themselves.


Features are being described in the wiki. The wiki is not considered finished and is always susceptible to updates.

Bug Reporting
Support is only provided through Discord. Bug reporting has a guide that must be followed, otherwise the issue will be terminated.
The mod is big, complicated and not perfect. If you have an issue, describe it purposefuly and in an educated manner, if you really want it fixed.

For Modders
Details can be found in Modding BK. BannerKings was bult from the principle of being a framework. Both for multiple official versions of the mod and possibly third parties extensions of it. It has support for being used as a dependency and there is reference material for asking for a custom version.