Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Use your own custom banners in CrusaderBlade battles!

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This mod lets you preset a faction banners for Custom Battles. It happens to also work with CrusaderBlade, a mod that allows you to fight Crusader Kings 3 battles in Bannerlord! At the time of writing, banners are completely random in CrusaderBlade's battles. This mod is meant as a temporary band-aid.

Install as any Bannerlord mod, activate it in the Bannerlord launcher (also for CrusaderBlade, CrusaderBlade uses your existing mod list).

Using your own Banners
You can design your own banners on:
Find your game's installation directory, and open the file "Modules\CrusaderBladeBanners\Banners.json" with Notepad.
Copy the banner code(s) from the website into that file. There are separate entries for the player's army and enemy armies, per Bannerlord culture.

Since 1.1.0, if you also use Custom Troops for CrusaderBlade, you can add new lines to the Banner.json (don't forget the comma at the end) and just change the Bannerlord culture to a CK3 culture. A file ALL_CULTURES.txt is included with all CK3 culture IDs.

For quick testing of your own banner designs I recommend simply starting a Bannerlord Custom Battle. It's faster than starting CrusaderBlade itself.

  • Colours for armour & shields are taken from the primary colour (top colour) of the banner background, and the primary colour (top colour) of the last icon in the list.
  • The Banners.json file is read as the battle is loaded, so you can edit banners on the fly without exiting the game
  • Run CursaderBlade.exe as Administrator if many of your troops wrongly spawn as Imperial Horsemen (it's a bug in early versions of CrusaderBlade)

Recommended mods for CrusaderBlade
Custom Troops for CrusaderBlade + De Re Militari
Realistic Battle Mod (with optional Reduced amount of shoulder shields, my preference at least)
Raise your Banner

All of the above work with Bannerlord e1.6.4.