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New Lords improves the characters present in the base game by adding new conversation options between the player and between the characters themselves, in order to create a more lively and active social environment inside the game.

Permissions and credits
New Lords improves the characters present in the base game by making them more talkative.
You have more options to talk to them and make them like (or dislike) you as well as making the characters talk with themselves.

If this has peaked your interest, how about if you download the mod and check the new noisy tavern!

It would be my pleasure if you joined our discord server where, you can follow news about this mod or to contact me directly. As you enter please choose the purple color (and any others you would like) to be notified of this mods news.

This mod is still in its early release so it is possible there are a few unaccounted bugs. So if you don't mind, it would be a really great help if you can try this mod with the help of Better Exception Window and I will respond and try to solve any and all errors.

This mod adds new dialog, however it is only in English. If you have the game in another language it will add the new dialog in English as well.

After you have tried this mod, I would appreciate it greatly if you could spare no more than 10 minutes to respond to my questionnaire. It would help me tremendously.

Thank you very much for playing.


These are the mods my colleagues have developed, if you want to check on different modifications for the game please look into these ones:
Improved strategies and tactical combat - Cunning Lords
Improved characters - Friendly Lords
Improved quests - Plot Lords
New semi-Multiplayer Campaign - General Lords

There is a known issue where the game sometimes freezes and then crashes to desktop when inside a town. I am working on it.
Character Manager is a mod that have cause some problems when used at the same time as New Lords.