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Plot Lords aims to improve the questing system of the game by adding fresh new quests to break the monotony and repetitiveness of the current quests. Have fun trying out new tasks and figuring out new ways to accomplish them. The new quests coexist with the regular quests so you don't have to worry about losing anything Bannerlord provides.

Permissions and credits
Plot Lords aims to improve the questing system of the game. It adds brand new quests that are coexistent with the regular ones making sure you can experience both of them.
While playing the game (and at the start of a new campaign) the quest will slowly be attributed by the game to NPC's. To represent when one of these quests are added a message in chat will appear with the name of the settlement the quest was added to.
Besides that, in the menu screen, a new option is added: "Pre-add quests". Like the name implies this pre-adds the quests to the campaign. It doesn't have much impact on high-end computers but might help with lag while playing the game on a slower computer.

This mod is the final product of a university thesis on game development and artificial intelligence.

If you run into any trouble or if you want to get in touch with the creator or other members of the community then join our discord server and choose orange to be redirected to the Plot Lords discord rooms where the creator publishes announcements and patch notes, and where you can chat.

If you want to help this project further then please be sure to fill our questionnaire. Your opinion is invaluable for the future development of this mod!

We recommend that you install the files manually by copying the plot lords module into the game's modules.

Updating the mod:
The best way to update the mod is to just drag the new folder into the modules folder and replace the files windows says are in conflict.
If you create a new folder for the new version you will have to copy the files in the "SaveFiles" folder from the old version to the same folder in the new version.
It's also highly advisable that you press the "Pre-Add Quests" button after updating.
If you don't deal with the save files from update to update, the mod will cancel any ongoing quests that don't have their save files so that the game doesn't crash.

Uninstalling the mod:
It's now possible to uninstall the mod without it crashing.
While in-game, you just need to press CTRL+K, this will delete all the created issues and cancel the ongoing quests. Then, without moving, just save and exit. Afterwards, leave the game and disable/uninstall the mod.

Even though it has been thoroughly tested, the mod might still contain some bugs. If you want to help clear them you can play with the mod "Better Exception Window" and send a print screen of any crash to the mod creator.

Thank you very much for playing this mod!

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