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General Lords aims to give a twist to Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord's multiplayer experience by adding a permanent army that the player can use and evolve throughout the battles. Start from nothing, with only you to your name and recruit troops to challenge other players to battle! May the best General win!

Permissions and credits
Hello, the development of this mod is currently indefinitely stopped and will most likely not receive any following support. Thanks for everybody that participated. The source code is available at: github. Anyone is free to carry on development or take inspiration on it, I would like if I was properly credited if so. If anyone requires the server code feel free to reach me.

Thanks for all the help making this mod work!

What is General Lords? 

General Lords is a semi-multiplayer experience where you get to challenge other player's armies to see who has the best one and the best strategies. You get to create your army and customize it to your liking using the six factions' troop trees and further improve it using the new developed Battle plan and Formations that let you designate automatic troop behaviors and automatic formation deployment in battle.
Earn gold by fighting battles and killing your enemies! After each battle, use it to upgrade your troops and recruit more to kill even more enemies! In a thrilling cycle of war where you get to climb the ladder to become the best General Lord!

This mod is the final proof of concept of a university thesis on game development and game design.

Even though it has been thoroughly tested, the mod might still contain some bugs. If you want to help clear them you can play with the mod "Better Exception Window" and send a print screen of any crash to the mod creator.
If you run into any trouble or if you want to get in touch with the creator or other members of the community then join our discord server and choose the blue color to be redirected to the General Lords' discord rooms where the creator publishes announcements and patch notes, and where you can chat.

The mod is meant to be played in English! The server works with English information and using a different language on the game could cause problems!

Each save file created and used in this mod is expected to be played whilst using the mod. So no guarantees are given if you try to use the save file without the mod activated. The mod also doesn't envision the use of other mods, so no compatibility is ensured! 

How to start a game

After the game is installed, start a new campaign normally. This campaign will be your General Lords' campaign from there on, so please refrain from using it outside of the mod.

Create your desired character and select your culture of choice (this will affect your early choices for available troops and items).

Afterwards most information is available when you hover the title of the mod on top of your screen.
We strongly recommend for new players to spend their early money in recruits, as fighting alone could prove too difficult! Money is acquired by killing troops, so fighting alone could prove hard to earn more money.

I need your help! 

This mod is a proof of concept that aims to evaluate the enjoyability of the game mode. It was made by only one person and with time restraints, therefore I would like your help by playing the mod honestly and avoiding cheating or doing unintended actions outside of the mod. Please only play saved files started whilst using the mod and only play them with the mod active

If you do play the mod, it would be a big help if you answer this questionnaire. Your feedback is crucial for the future development of this mod!


We recommend that you install the files manually, by copying the General Lords' module into the game's modules.

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