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About this mod

Total conversion mod for Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, which will change Calradia into Westeros and Essos from the HBO series, Game of Thrones. Hundreds of characters added, along with over twenty kingdoms from the Free Folk, north of the wall, to the Dothraki of the Great Grass Sea.

Permissions and credits
Total Conversion Mod for Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

  • custom main map of Westeros and a large part of Essos
  • 19 new kingdoms added and existing kingdoms converted 
  • 11 new cultures
  • lots of new basic, noble and House troop trees
  • hundreds of customized NPCs from Game of Thrones
  • Hundreds of new armors and weapons
  • Hordes of wights roaming north of the wall and a one v. one encounter with the Night King
  • All native clans converted and over 70 new ones added
  • Over 50 new towns and castles added as well as over 100 villages added, and all native ones converted
  • Giants, Robber Knights and 29 custom wanderers
  • 10 custom mercenary clans with custom leaders

Early Access
  • This mod is in early access and is still a work in progress and will be for a while.


Patreon Support
  • If you enjoy the mod, consider donating at Realm of Thrones Patreon , all donations will go directly to commissioning models, scenes and any other coding related issues that are beyond my skill set, and will speed up the development process. Thank you for your support!

  • Thanks to L.L. Muse for permission to include and integrate Serve As Soldier into ROT.
  • Thanks to Quakank for permission to include Banner Color Persistence into ROT
  • Thanks to T.D.W_Hayster, the creator of The Kingdoms of Aeraleon mod, you has donated weapon models and helped me greatly with all aspects of the modding process since the beginning of this mod.
  • Thanks to Claiton Bigsby's Westeros Armory mod for allowing me to integrate his Kingsguard armor set along with several other armor pieces.
  • I give a special thanks to Urist McAurelian, for without his Aurelian Map Fix module, this mod would have no custom world map! 
  • I also give a special thanks  to Lone Warrior who donated lots of custom armors and textures from his mod, The Long Night.
  • Thanks to MacrmaM1234 for permission to use his custom Game of Thrones banners.

Custom Banners are created by Stranger and are for Realm of Thrones use only. No uploading to other mods without his permission.

Cultural Sprites and Loading Screens are from HBO concept art and various artists, including: zippo514, Michelle Simpson, ManNamedGeorge, Kay Huang and Joshua Cairos. These are being used for non-commercial purposes.

  • settlement models are used from Winter Is Coming mobile game for non-commercial purposes
  • Martell armor from A Game of Ice and Fire Mod for Atilla
  • Valyrian steel swords, Ice, dornish swords and dragonstone halberds are from Hayster Armory