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Enables surrender for lord parties and settlements, as well as displaying an enemy party/settlement's chance of surrender

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In the vanilla game, lord parties and settlements do not surrender, so I added that behavior in. I also added text showing an enemy party or settlement's chance of surrender on the "power level comparer bar" (only appears if they want to surrender).

Currently, there are 2 different behaviors for bandit, caravan and villager parties. One for a high chance of surrender and one for a very high chance of surrender.

For a high chance of surrender, bandits will offer to join you while caravans and villagers will offer to pay you for safe passage. For a very high chance of surrender, bandits, caravans and villagers will surrender and you can choose to take them prisoner.

I implemented a similar behavior for lord parties. For a high chance of surrender, lords will offer to pay you, while for a very high chance of surrender, lords will surrender and you can take them prisoner. The enemy lord's traits vs your traits will affect the chance of surrender.

For settlements, their food supply will strongly affect their chance of surrender. If they have enough food to last several days they will be highly unlikely to surrender. But if they have no food, their chance of surrender will increase sharply. The number of siege engines on both sides and the hit points of the settlement's walls will also affect the chance of surrender slightly.

For a high chance of surrender, the settlement will send a messenger to offer to pay you to break the siege. If you accept the payment, you cannot attack the settlement for 10 days. For a very high chance of surrender, the settlement will surrender and you can choose to perform the same actions as during the aftermath of a siege battle.

I also slightly tweaked the algorithm which calculates the chance of surrender for caravans and villagers to make them more likely to surrender, but not too much from the vanilla values.

Capturing prisoners who surrendered will add to war casualties. If you are using Diplomacy, capturing prisoners who surrendered will also add to war exhaustion.

Take note that parties and settlements will also surrender to AI attackers, but they will not offer AI attackers a bribe.

Includes a localization template and Chinese localization by default.

Known limitations:
  • When encountering an enemy party/settlement, you need to be leading the assault/siege in order for enemies to surrender to you.

If you encounter a bug, always provide a screenshot of the exact moment the bug occurred and the crash report if there is a crash. Always also provide a save file if possible. It makes it much easier for me to troubleshoot it.

Make sure that you are using the correct versions of the mod and its requirements for your game build!

It is safe to install and uninstall on an existing save.

Sources are here.

Discord server for my mods is here.