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The Valkyrie are a fully built kingdom with all female lords and troops.
They are based of Sturgian troop lines with an emphasis on shield-wall infantry and elite archers.
Also includes config for ATC and a optional skimpy armour set using MC Amazon Body / Armours.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin

The Valkyrie
The Valkyrie are a fully built kingdom with all female lords and troops.
They are based of Sturgian troop lines with an emphasis on heavy infantry and elite archers.
They are lore-friendly (as much as they can be!), with lore surrounding the settlements, clans and lords available in game.

In version 1.2.0 I've added an option to use Revyl and Ustokol Castle as the starting point for the Valkryie, thus making this mod compatible with other mods that change the map (hopefully).

Main Features:
  • 1 new Kingdom with Culture - Valkyrie
  • 6 Valkyrie clans
  • 34 noble ladies
  • 10 Wanderer templates, each with backstory lines
  • New Valkyrie troop line - An Infantry only troop line, based upon Sturgian shield wall tactics, with addition of noble archers based of Battanian archery.
  • Adds a town, four castles and several villages to the map inside Sturgian territory, or can use existing Sturgian settlements instead.
  • ATC config to allow players to always recruit Valkryie recruits or a config for vanilla-like behaviour
  • Regular armour/equipment uses vanilla assets (mainly Sturgian). Recommended for Balance and Vanilla-friendly immersion.
  • Optional skimpy outfits using MC Amazon Body + MC Amazon Armours. Not Balanced or Vanilla-friendly.
  • Has translations for 12 different languages via machine translation, reach out to me if you want to help improve a translation file!

Troop Trees
New basic and noble troop trees, favouring an all infantry force with elite archers and shield wall infantry:

The Valkyrie Lands
Using the "New Settlements" option adds a town and four castles to Calradia, as shown below.
These are owned by 5 new Valkyrie clans (With the final clan being the elite Mist Ranger clan)
There are 34 new noble ladies from the 6 new clans.

ATC Recruitment
You can either choose regular recruitment, which will let you recruit Valkyrie troops only from their villages/towns.
Or you can use All Valkyrie recruitment, which will let the player faction and clan (Not NPC lords) recruit Valkyrie from anywhere.
Note that not having ATC installed will not conflict, the config file will not do anything if ATC is not installed.
Feel free to edit to the ATC config for your own needs and/or mod setups.

Starting Settlement Locations
You can use new settlements located in Sturgia, between Omor and Varcheg. These consist of two castles, a town and a total of six villages spread between them.
You can also use existing ones, Revyl and Ustokol castle are given to the Valkyrie as their starting settlements.

Adding this mod can only be done on a new save, it adds a new kingdom and cannot be taken out afterwards without causing CTDs.
I will continue to try and keep the versions compatible with each other, but I cannot promise anything, as Bannerlord itself is constantly changing with each update.
Each minor version update, eg 1.2.3 -> 1.3.0 (2 minor to 3 minor) is best started with a new game.
Each patch version update, eg 1.3.0 -> 1.3.1 (0 patch to 1 patch) should be compatible with an existing save.
You can use the automatic FOMOD config file to install, eg using Vortex or any other mod manager which supports FOMOD.
If you want to manually install, do the following:

Core Step

1. Place the Valkyrie Folder into the Modules Folder in Bannerlord
2. Inside the Valkyrie Folder, move the ValkyrieSettlements Folder into the Mod Folder as well

Choice 1 - Settlements (ValkyrieSettlements folder)

For Regular settlements
- Delete the SceneObj Folder
- Keep the bin folder
- Remove the _Existing part of the filename SubModule_Existing.xml and delete SubModule_New.xml


For New settlements
- Remove the _New part of the filename from both the SubModule_New.xml and Valkyrie_Settlements_New.xml
- Delete SubModule_Existing.xml.
- Delete the bin folder (optional, as it wont do anything because SubModule_New.xml does not use it)

Choice 2 - Armour (Valkyrie folder)

For Regular armour
- Remove the _Regular from SubModule_Regular.xml and delete SubModule_Skimpy.xml
- In the ModuleData\Regular_Equipment folder, move the Valkyrie_Equipment.xml out one folder, so that it is with all the other XML files in ModuleData


For Skimpy Armour
- Remove the _Skimpy from SubModule_Skimpy.xml and delete SubModule_Regular.xml
- In the ModuleData\Skimpy_Equipment folder, move the Valkyrie_Equipment.xml out one folder, so that it is with all the other XML files in ModuleData

Choice 3 - ATC Config (Valkyrie folder)
In the Config folder, there are two folders, simply delete the one you dont want

Final Step - Mod Ordering
This step is no longer needed! Just put the Modules Valkyrie and ValkyrieSettlements after the core modules.
If using another settlement mod, eg Calradia Expanded, putting this mod after is the best way to ensure compatibility.

Delete the Valkyrie and ValkryieSettlements module folders, either manually or through your preferred mod manager 

There is stuff I will continue working on for this, including:
- Work into main questline? Would like to add a speech for Eynhildr and Bassilly about battle of Pendriac
- Optional troop trees? Would like to add a Quest to enable elite Valkryie Calvary line
- Different/more equipment sets for troops and notables, mainly for variety


Thanks to the Amazon Kingdom mod (BestGeek) that formed the foundation of this mod
Thanks to MaxCry99 for his MC Amazon Body + MC Amazon Armours mods
Thanks to Adonnay For his Troop changer mod
Thanks to TraestKF for his help
Thanks to Trucker for his work on his SettlementPatcher
Thanks to druidbruce for his help with educator templates (via the Mount & Blade modding discord!)
Thanks to everyone whos downloaded this mod, its made the countless hours working and debugging worth it :)
Thanks to Talesworlds for Bannerlord


I'm happy for any modders to use this mod as a basis for their own kingdoms
Do let me know if you have questions as well, I had to survive a billion crashes to get this up and running (even with the Amazon Kingdom as a reference), so Hopefully I can help others avoid similar pain
Feel free to contact me via NexusMods, you can also find me in the Bannerlord official modding discord under the name "Chickenboy"