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A simple mod that changes the look of the settlement names. Adds relationship indicator as well as unique color to each faction.

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Another cosmetic mod for the better game experience.

Compatible with Vassal Titles and Plague and Diseases mods

This is a really simple mod that changes the look of settlement icons on the map. Currently, in Bannerlord, settlement nameplates are not changing text color based on the faction but based on your relationship. You are differentiating the factions based on their primary banner colour. This mod simply changes this logic. 

New icon template is shown below:

Indicator can be red - green - and black. 
Name can be only faction color. If it's a neutral faction - it will be white.
Banner is banner of the owner party/clan. 

Do you want to make Bannerlord great again with 2016's faction colors? No problem. All the mentioned colors can be changed via config.
Config is simple JSON.

 "FactionColors": {
    "Vlandia": "#C83737FF",
    "Northern Empire": "#D265DAFF",
    "Southern Empire": "#9766FFFF",
    "Aserai": "#DFC11EFF",
    "Khuzait": "#5BBFBBFF",
    "Battania": "#57C33DFF",
    "Western Empire": "#B74177FF",
    "Sturgia": "#7289FFFF"
 "RelationColors": {
     "Neutral": "#00000011",
     "Ally": "#5BCB1FFF",
     "Enemy": "#FE1A1AFF"
 "Settings": {
    "AddPhysicalBannersToTowns": true,
    "AddPhysicalBannersToCastles": false,
    "UseFactionBannerForPhysicalBanner": true
It uses RRBBGGAA format. ( Red, blue, green, Alpha ). Use any HEX color converter and add FF to last so that it won't break anything. 

If you want crazy good banners in your game also check Custom Banners and Uniforms Pack (CBU Pack 2.0)