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Adds giving advanced orders to your Clan parties on the campaign map, including control over their recruitment. Restricts AI sieges to borders of Kingdoms. Makes the AI more likely to conquer and less likely to raid the lands that share their culture. Causes all hostile Vassals who like/hate you to target your properties less/more respectively.

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UPDATE 4/20/21
So I recently moved, but I moved to a cabin.  Yay
Said cabin is on a Mountain...yay.
Said cabin has no direct yay.
Said cabin could have bouncing cell signal off a mountain with a
Booster was acquired...along with yay!!!!
....signed up for starlink...that will be another yay someday.

This Mod is the continued version as created by Maegfaer here:

The original author however has gone AWOL for the time being, and this being considered a near-vital mod, I decided to pick it up after bugs were left to languish after 1.5.6 beta came out.  

I will be testing and finding out what is "softly" broken over time, for now, the initial errors have been eliminated.
Please use the bug section, NOT  the discussion posts for pointing out bugs.  I will move to that tab far sooner than the discussion tab.
If you post a bug, please post what you did to cause the bug in addition to the description.  This will help testing on my end.

You can only assign a troop recruitment criteria if the leader's party has at least one troop besides the leader.

At this time, there no are no known Mod Conflicts.


Taleworlds has been refactoring the heck out of some code and a number of methods either no longer exist or have different requirements.  Blech.
The mod no longer attempts to allow the player to interact with character skills/stats via the character screen even if they are no longer present.  The game no longer requires clan members to be present to interact with their skills/stats.


NEW feature in 2.3.0:
Kingdom AI Army Leaders will now prioritize besieging enemy towns/castles closest to their own hometown. Their hometown is usually the most prosperous castle/town that their Clan owns (this is a vanilla feature). The idea is that they somewhat selfishly prioritize taking lands close to their home so that their fiefs becomes safer. Armies won't besiege towns/castles deep into enemy territory anymore. An added bonus is that armies with different leaders will have distinct behaviour.

NEW feature in 2.2.0: Troop recruitment whitelisting and optional limits!
Talk to a clan party and choose: "Let's review your party's composition plan."

There are two stages of separate troop exchange screens:
  1. Screen one: You get a list of the lowest tiers (recruits) of all troop trees in the game. Transfer the recruits of those troop trees you're interested in. Click Done.
  2. Screen two: On the left side there should now be a list of all the units in the troop trees that you selected with one soldier for each type, and also one troop for every type that the clan party already had in its party. On the right side the exact same troops are present, but in great numbers. The rules here are simple: If there's only one soldier on the left side, the clan party will recruit that troop type as long as there's room in the party. If you however add more than 1 troop to the left side, that number will be the maximum limit for that troop type. Troops that are not present at all on the left will NEVER be recruited.

For example, if on the second screen you have the Imperial troop tree there with 1 soldier each, except for Imperial Recruits who have 20 soldiers, the party will never take more than 20 Imperial Recruits at the same time in its party, but will otherwise recruit all the other Imperial troops on the list until the party size limit is reached. In this case no other troops than Imperial will ever enter the party, unless you manually transfer them.

Another example: To make sure the clan party never recruits new troops, just empty the left side on the second screen and click Done. You can still give them troops through the regular troops exchange option of course.

Another example: Only add cavalry units to the left side of the second screen and you'll have a clan party that will always be very fast.

WARNING: Only allowing troops that can only be recruited very far away does not mean that the clan party will actually travel to the other side of the map to get those recruits. It will likely stop visiting settlements for recruits at all, unless you tell them to follow you and bring them closer to the appropriate culture's lands.

After you order a Clan party to follow you, hold down Left Alt and then Left Click on an enemy to order that Clan party to chase and engage that enemy. Useful to create a small and fast cavalry vanguard party to engage and hold the target so you can catch up with the slower main army. Hold Left Alt and then Left Click anywhere else to order the clan party to stop chasing and resume following you again. Works with multiple Clan parties. Left Alt key can be changed in config.xml.

Also adds patrol and free-roam orders with many optional instructions, see the images for examples. Adds goods and prisoner exchange plus party leader equipment inspection options to Clan parties dialogue. Also adds troops and prisoner exchange plus equipment inspection options to Clan caravans.

Vassals of all Kingdoms will prioritize conquering lands of their culture over raiding them. Hostile Vassals are less likely to raid or conquer the settlements of friends, so if you keep releasing the Vassals that raid your villages they will come less and less often. The inverse is also true, hostile Vassals that hate you will prioritize raiding and conquering your settlements. It acts as a deterrent against executing Vassals. These settings can be changed in the config.xml.

Installation & Compatibility
This is your average Module mod made with Harmony, does not replace vanilla files. Should be compatible with almost everything.

Install via your favorite mod launcher or Vortex in standard format and off you go.

Remove the previous mod and install this one.  All tests show it overlaps and replaces the previous version just fine and loads the save games as intended.

Requirements (soft)
Save Missing Module Fix - Fixed - Without this fix your savegames will not load if you ever deactivate this mod. This is Maegfaers own update of the fix to work with e1.4.x games.

Troubleshooting crashes
Make sure you have the requirements above. Unblock the DLL files of this mod, if you don't know how use Unblock Dlls mod to help you. If you get crashes during gameplay, check if there has been a game update and if this mod has not been updated yet. Report the crash in the comments with as much circumstantial details as possible.