Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Aragas - Fixes by bmountney and Maegfaer

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Fixes the great 'Save Missing Module Fix' by Aragas. Or at least it fixes it for my savegames. All original code was released under the MIT license, allowing fixes and redistribution like this:

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I debuged bmountney's fixed 1.3 version and noticed that, for my savegames, the loading failed before the code of this mod was even executing. I simply changed the new ContainerLoadData.FillObject code to always run rather than only after the mod detects a failed loading. This may result in somewhat longer loading times (though I haven't measured it), so you may want to disable this mod if you're not loading savegames with missing modules.

To install, extract into your Modules folder. This module has a different name compared to the original, so make sure to delete/disable Aragas.SaveMissingModuleFix.

Tested on 1.4.2, but should also work with older versions up to 1.3 I think. Don't expect much maintenance from me.

I'll delete this mod if Aragas ever updates his original mod.

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