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This mod allows you to follow your fired projectile with the camera by holding the middle mouse button. When an enemy is hit you can see the impact in slow-motion.

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With this mod you can follow any projectile you fired with the camera. To do this, simply press and hold the middle mouse button while or after the arrow is fired.

Please note: This is the first version of the mod, I did not test all scenarios yet and there are some features still under development (see below).

  • Camera follows any projectile the player shoots
  • Slow motion on impact with persons
  • You can cancel following the projectile at any time (there is a hardcoded delay)
  • Mousewheel actions are deactivated while the camera is active which prevents accidently switching weapons

Known issues:
  • When multiple projectiles are fired, the mod not always follows the most recent one

Upcoming features:
  • Fix for multi projectiles
  • Try to smooth the camera movement
  • Configuration
  • Hardcoded delay
  • Slow-motion intensity
  • Hotkey

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