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This mod allows you to buy and sell items automatically. It is highly configurable to meet your playstyle. You decide if it manages the trades for you or just sells your loot.

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How does the AutoTrading work?
Pressing on the "Automatically trade goods" dialog option in settlements opens a trade window with preselected trade options. To finish trading, just press "Done". However, you can continue trading or adjust the offer.

It automatically buys items that are cheaper than the buy-setting percentage of the average price(*)
  • It only trades with an amount of money equal to your current money + everything you sell - X days of wages (setting)
  • It only fills your inventory as much as you allow it to (setting)
  • If you don't have enough money/capacity, it buys the cheapest items in town first for maximum profit
  • It buys at maximum as much goods of the same type as your defined percentage of your carry capacity (setting)

It automatically sells goods that are more expensive than the sell-setting percentage of the average price(*)
  • It leaves a small amount of each food to keep your troops happy (setting)
  • It leaves an amount of grains (setting)
  • It considers the amount of money the merchant has
  • It won't sell items you lock
  • It won't sell carry horses
  • It won't sell smithing material except hardwood and ore (setting)

You have a lot of options for customization. You can even change the behavior of the mod such that it only sells your loot. You can use it to resupply your food or keep stocked on carry horses. And even more features are yet to come.

(*) for how the average price is calculated, please see "Info about the different bot behaviors"
Info about the different bot behaviors you can choose

General info:
  • Use the default value of the bot settings if you just want to play and don't bother with details and configurations. Jump right into the user preferences and adjust them to your liking
The default bot AI (since version 1.7.1):
  • It will buy and sell based on the red and green price coloring you get with the second trading perk
  • This makes the performance of the bot tied with the amount of trade rumors you get
  • Before you get the perk or if you have no rumors AutoTrader will substitute this information

The custom AI:

  • AutoTrader will calculate prices independent of trade rumors or price coloring in this configuration
  • You can set a "search radius" to select which prices to consider
  • The search radius can be infinite
  • The mod will find the average price for the goods of all towns inside the search radius and then will buy if the price is below the "buy" slider percentage and sell if its above the "sell" slider percentage
  • You can set it to global and activate a weighting. The weighting will make towns that are further away have less influence on the average price

What are the settings doing?

Please note: 
The default settings of the mod are my current personal preferences. I think they are working best in each circumstance (user preference settings excluded). However, you may think otherwise and I want to provide you with the freedom to modify as much of the mods behavior as possible.

Basic options:
  • Show advanced settings (beta): Shows additional advanced options when selected
  • Buy under X% of the average price: Autotrade if the price is smaller than X% of the items average value
  • Sell above X% of the average price : Autotrade if the price is higher than X% of the items average value
  • Use Simple AI: Changes the mods price calculation system to the generic "buy at green, sell at red" system. For more info, see "Info about the different bot behaviors"
  • Use weighted average price (beta): Use an average price weighted by distance instead of a fixed radius 
  • Average price search radius: Define the price search radius. That practically defines how much towns and villages are considered into the calculation of the average price. You can see an image of the radius of the default value (300) on this mod page.

User preferences:
  • Total % of inventory space available for mod: This setting defines with how much percent of your maximum carry capacity the mod works.
  • Maximum % of inventory filled by same item: A single item will only be bought until it reaches the selected percentage of your inventory. E.g: you have 1000 inventory capacity and the setting is set to 10, so the bot will buy a resource (e.g. oil) at maximum until you have 100 kilos of it.
  • Amount of grains to keep: This amount of grains will be kept in your inventory and not be automatically sold
  • Amount of each other consumable to keep: This amount of other consumables will be kept in your inventory
  • Keep X amount of days of troop wages: Will leave enough money after the trade for the set amount of days. Does currently NOT calculate in expenses for workshops or caravans.
  • Sell weapons/armor of tier X and below: Automatically sells all weapons/armor of the given tier and below.

Special options:
  • Sell charcoal and ingots: If not active, those items won't be automatically sold
  • Resupply hardwood to 'keep consumables' value: buys hardwood no matter the price up to the amount specified by the "Amount of each other consumable to keep" slider
  • Resupply food to 'keep consumables' value: buys food no matter the price up to the amount specified by the "Amount of each other consumable to keep" slider


  • Q: I don't get trading xp:
  • A: This is an issue with the base game. It solves itself, simply by moving around and trying again.
  • Q: The mod is not profitable
  • A: Give the mod some time and try the default bot settings.
  • Q: I want to prevent X from being autotrated
  • A: Just use the "lock" functionality of your inventory
  • Q: The game does not start
  • A: Unblock the dll file of the mod
  • Q: What is the hotkey for the options menu?
  • A: ALT + A + T

Next Features to add:
  • Hints for settings menu
  • Exclude cities you can not enter from average price consideration
  • Horse trading rules
  • Fine tuning of trade behavior
  • Customizing shortcuts
  • Max herding setting
  • Money to keep setting

- I want this mod to be open source, however, I am currently not clear about proper licensing for Bannerlord mods. I disabled the repository until I found it out.
- Want to contribute/ Got an idea? Feel free to let me know!

Special thanks:
- GlorifiedPig for his videos on BannerlordModding
- gdliu (悠悠小墨) for chinese translations
golgo13131313 for korean translations
bittu0812 for showcasing the mod in one of his videos

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