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I will upload here all presets i made for CA Eagle Rising.

Other stuff i created like Late Roman Army shields, can be found here:

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Please read the description before you download anything!



CA - Eagle Rising


Submods for Eagle Rising

Instructions for the Submods:

  1. Download and Install POC color randomizer.
  2. Download "Shield Pattern Submod", "Clan Legions Submod" or "Rome Total War Submod" from files.
  3. Open the downloaded folder and drag the "config" file to your Modules folder and in POC color randomizer. 
  4. If necessary, overwrite the old config file in there.
  5. Start your game and activate POC in the Launcher.
  6. Be Happy!


You can also exchange every banner from the Submods with all the other Banners i created!
Just open the Config file, find the name of the unit or clan which banner
you want to change and exchange the code with one of my others!

Shield Pattern Submod

The Submod is an addition for Eagle Rising, which is giving every unit that is added by Eagle Rising an unique shield design. So you are able to use your own banner, but the troops will keep their Shield Pattern.


Clan Legions Submod

This Submod is changing just the Shields of every Imperial clan. That means that all clans will keep their banner, but if you face them in Battle, they will be Named Legions.

Northern Empire:

Junii - LEG I Minervia
Tarpeii - LEG II Augusta
Serapides - LEG VIIII Hispana
Antonii - LEG XVII Germanica
Numicii - LEG XVIII Gallica
Sulpicii - LEG XIX
Curiatii - LEG XX Valeria Victrix
Postumii - LEG XXI Rapax
Minucii - LEG XXII Primigenia

Western Empire:

Julii - LEG I Germanica
Nautii - LEG I Adiutrix
Servilii - LEG IV Flavia Felix
Manlii - LEG V Macedonica
Valerii - LEG VI Victrix
Verginii - LEG VII Claudia Pia Fidelis
Pollii - LEG XI Claudia
Menenii - LEG XIII Gemina
Romilii - LEG XIIII Gemina

Southern Empire:

Cornelii - LEG II Traiana Fortis
Vitellii - LEG III Gallica
Claudii - LEG III Augusta
Mucii - LEG IV Scythica
Lucretii - LEG X Fretensis
Tarquinii - LEG XII Fulminata
Cominii - LEG XV Appolinaris
Veturii - LEG XVI Flavia Firma
Marcii - LEG XXII Deiotariana


Rome: Total War Submod

This submod adds the Shields from Rome Total War to every of the Imperial factions.
All non-imperial factions will get the shields from my Shield Pattern Submod.

Northern Empire:

Western Empire:

Southern Empire:


Leave an endorsement if you like the Banners and feel free to write any suggestions in the comment section.

Roman Shields

In order to use the Banners, follow these steps!

  1.  Download and Install Banner Paste
  2.  Find your prefered Banner from the Picture below
  3.  Search the chosen Banner beneath the Picture or in the text file and Copy the code
  4.  In game, open the Banner creator with B and Paste the code with Ctrl + V
  5. Slaughter the barbarian scum!


LEG I Germanica:

LEG I Germanica (Alternative I):

LEG I Germanica (Alternative II):

LEG I Minervia:

LEG I Adiutrix:

LEG II Augusta:

LEG II Augusta (Alternative I):

LEG III Gallica:

LEG III Augusta:

LEG IIII Scythica:

LEG IIII Macedonica:

LEG IIII Macedonica (Alternative I):

LEG IIII Flavia Felix:

LEG V Macedonica:

LEG V Macedonica (Alternative I):

LEG V Macedonica (Alternative II):

LEG VI Victrix:

LEG VI Victrix (Alternative I):

LEG VI Victrix (Alternative II):

LEG VII Claudia Pia Fidelis:

LEG VIII Augusta:

LEG VIII Augusta (Alternative I):

LEG VIIII Hispana:

LEG VIIII Hispana (Alternative I):

LEG X Fretensis:

LEG XI Claudia:

LEG XII Fulminata:

LEG XIII Gemina:


LEG XV Appolinaris:

LEG XVI Flavia Firma:

LEG XVI Flavia Firma (Alternative I):

LEG XVII Germanica:

LEG XVII Germanica (Alternative I):

LEG XVII Germanica (Alternative II):

LEG XVIII Gallica:

LEG XVIII Gallica (Alternative I):


LEG XX Valeria Victrix:

LEG XXI Rapax:

LEG XXI Rapax (Alternative I):

LEG XXII Deiotariana:

LEG XXX Ulpia Victrix:

LEG XXX Ulpia Victrix (Alternative I):

Rome Total War




Julii (Alternative I):