Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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This mod adds additional armour and weapons to the game, based off of early and late medieval artifacts/art.

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This mod is where I'm going to be placing all the armour and weapons that I'd like to see in Bannerlord.

I'm a big fan of the medieval period, and I plan on adding many weapons and armour from early bardiches to late milanese plate armour. 

Currently this mod contains:
- Armet
- Milanese Plate Armour
- Poleaxe
- Sallet
- Milanese Gauntlets
- Painted Sallet
- Milanese Greaves
- Fauchard
- Axes

Keep in mind that if something is on the list there's a possibility that many variants of it will be in the mod based on the many styles of armour/weapon throughout the medieval period.


Currently this only adds items that can be accessed by the cheat mode inventory.
The items will appear in shops now! But they're very expensive until I figure how to mod the prices.
If you add the specific xml ids to your troop trees then it will also appear with your specific troops.

Currently working on:
- Helmets

Unzip the downloaded file and place "EnclaveArmsNArmor" aswell as "SandBox" folder into the "Modules" folder. Overwrite/Replace any files that it says.