Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This collection provides a working update to some of the great mods originally developed by Xorberax all compiled into a single module.

This pack incorporates MCM integration. Granting the abilily to adjust settings while in game. You can also disable any mod in the pack you don't want to use in the same MCM menu.

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XorberaxLegacy provides a working update to some of the great mods originally developed by Xorberax all compiled into a single module.

This pack also incorporates MCM integration, allowing all mod settings to be adjusted whilst in game.

Special Note:
All of the credit goes to Xorberax for his work on the original mods compiled into this modpack. I am just the player who had the ability and desire to bring back life into them as I missed them in my gameplay.  Once I got them all working I figured why not share them with others. I was able to trade messages with Xorberax and got the stamp of approval.

"Yes, you have my permission to reupload modified versions of my mods :+1:"

So I compiled most of his titles into this single mod pack. I have corrected some of the bugs as reported on other attempts to keep his works alive and on the main mod pages. The only other major change is that they now have MCM intergration. So you no longer need to edit the config file in the mod directory and can do so via the menu system. After you download Harmony, ButterLib, UIExtender and Mod Configuration Menu. But you should have those anyway.

Installation and Use:
Your mod load order should look like this. Basically in the number 10 spot you can start listing all your other mods making sure you follow instructions on their creators installation.
  1. Harmony
  2. Butterlib
  3. UIExtenderEx
  4. Mod Confguration Menu
  5. Native 
  6. Sandbox Core 
  7. Custom Battle 
  8. Sandbox 
  9. StoryMode
  10. Xorberax's Legacy

The mods in the pack:

Xorberax's "Banks of Calradia"
Adds banks to the towns of Calradia. You can maintain individual balances at each towns' bank, and take out loans. Banks offer weekly interest rates to provide a passive income and an incentive to bank with them over other towns.

Xorberax's "Cut Through Everyone"
Allows weapons to cut through multiple units, while considering armor and weapon types.
Ever charge through a group of archers with your glaive, only to take out one measly unit?
Ever line up your spear to try to impale multiple enemies, only to get disappointed, surrounded, and beaten to death?
Ever get overwhelmed by a small group of units, and wished you could just slice through all of their throats in one swift swing?
Well, if your answer was yes to any of those question, this is the mod for you!

Xorberax's "Deadly Combat"
Makes combat much more deadly, as hits to vital body parts, such as the head and torso can result in instant death or a quick bleed-out. Good armor and a shield is much more crucial to have, as arrows and a typical rusty sword going through your chest or head are going to kill you. Bleeding-out occurs quickly, and will slow a unit (or horse) down to a crawl as they meet their final seconds in life. A well-aimed stab or arrow can mean life or death.

**"This mod applies to everyone (you, and all units). Do not use this mod unless you're fairly experienced in Mount & Blade's combat, or are prepared to die."

Xorberax's "Deadly Horse Charges"
Makes horse charges very deadly, purely due to those large, very heavy, and fast creatures running head-on into some meat bags.

Xorberax's "Friendly Fire"
Enables friendly fire for all units, e.g. you can hurt your troops, they can hurt each other, and your enemies can do the same. There will be unnecessary casualties.
This mod will also allow you to kill villagers (if you modify the config.json in the bin folder).

Xorberax's "Honest Work"
Make money by working at villages. It ain't much, but it's honest work. Lets you work at villages to make a little bit of money.

Xorberax's "Scholars of Calradia"
Adds scholars to the towns of Calradia, allowing you and your companions to attend their lectures and gain experience in a variety of skills. When visiting a town, there's a chance that a scholar is visiting and offering a lecture over a specific skill that you can attend for a price. You are able to have you or your companions attend these lectures, improving whichever skill is being offered. There are four tiers of scholars: novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert; with each advancing tier providing more experience while maintaining a quicker lecture.

Xorberax's "Shoulder Camera"
Applies a shoulder cam style to the third person camera, and also reduces a lot of the floaty-ness of combat by having the camera sway with your swings.

Xorberax's "Training Field"
Allows you to train your troops at the Training Field and arenas. When visiting the Training Field or an arena, a new option will be available to train your troops, for a maximum of 24 hours. You can only train once every three days, and your troops can get wounded during training.



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