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This mod is a character preset of Ryvenae, she is a character from one of my other mods; Interesting Clans. It also includes the Banner of 'Forestsong Watch'.

Permissions and credits
This mod lets you play as Ryvenae Forestsong from my mod Interesting Clans.
(For the installation, scroll down, or read the documentation.)

First I will tell you which mods you'll need to replicate the exact character and banner.

For the Banner you'll need the mod; Banner Paste
For the exact character you'll need; Full Body Sliders Fixed and Upgraded + Changable Bodysliders
those are for the body to be the same as in the pictures, if you don't care about the body you can also just download Detailed Character Creation.
The next mod you'll need is; Character Export Import, this is for Ryvenae to have her original stats. (This also might automaticly import her face)
Also another (my) Mod which I obviously recommend is; Interesting Clans, this mod lets you recruit the Forestsong Units, and adds the initial Clan Forestsong to the game.

These are all the mods u need, to play as Ryvenae and make the Imperials pay for what they've done to Forestsong.

Now to the initial INSTALLATION MANUAL:

First you'll have to download and extract all the mods mentioned above, into your "steamapps/common/Mount & Blade II Bannerlord/Modules" folder

If you have done that, you can start downloading my mod; 'Ryvenae's Escape Story (Play as Ryvenae Forestsong)'.

The zip includes her facecode and her Banner; Forestsong Watch. And of course the textdocument "Ryvenae" which contains the txt file to her stats.

For the stats (Ryvenae.txt) to work you'll have to go to your;  'documents/Mount and Blade II Bannerlord/CharacterTrainer' create a folder called 'Ryvenae' inside, if you have done that, drop the 'Ryvenae.txt' inside it.

If you can't find the CharacterTrainer folder you'll have to atleast start the game for once after installing the mod; "Character Export Import". 
So the folder CharacterTrainer is automaticly created.

Now if you have done everything either start a new game or load an existing save, if you have decided to start a new game, name your new character as Ryvenae. 
Once you have passed every screen about the TUTORIAL you can start importing the character.

You'll do that by pressing "L", then press on your character portrait, and  press "Import" below your character description to import the stats.
You'll do about the same for the banner. Copy the bannercode from the zip, press on your banner in the clan screen, and then CRTL + V.
And Voila! You can now play as Ryvenae and the Forestsong :)

The same goes if you decided to load an ongoing save, you just have to rename your character to 'Ryvenae' and import the stats just the same as said above.
The same also goes for the banner.

NOW, if the face isn't the same as in the pictures just copy the facecode and do that too. Press V while you're on the campaign map and then CRTL + V.

      Thats it!

Now you can play as Ryvenae leading the Forestsong back to its glory! :)