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A character creation improvement to allow for more control over how you start a new game.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • French
Cultured Start improves the character creation process by adding new options and new stories.

New Menus

Game Options - Customize Quests

  • Default Start - Skips tutorial but leaves the rest of the quests unchanged
  • Nerezet's Folly Skip - Completes the quest as soon as you start the game.
  • Sandbox - Able to make a kingdom through game settings.

Custom Cultures - Cultures from Mods
  • Adds any additional main cultures added by mods to be selected. Such as Perasosian League by Zaldir or Pendor Invades Calradia by SimplyCD
  • It will overwrite the selected culture on the first page, however you'll still get the perk if the culture mod does not have it's own perk.
  • If the Culture mod does not have it's own lands or lords your custom start options could be affected, notably Castle start will be in a random place, and Vassal starts wont work.

Custom Starts - Extra Starting Scenarios
  • Default Start -Start with load out and party as per normal in base game.
  • Merchant Start - basic start that gives you a few mules and some basic mercenaries. 
  • Exiled Noble - Start exiled from your home faction, starting with a companion bodyguard and decent renown. Your reputations with your home culture are negatively affected, and seen as a criminal if you return.
  • Mercenary Start - Start as a newly appointed leader of a failing mercenary company. Start with a decent number of troops and a mercenary, but little food and bad morale. Will quickly lose your army if you don't solve it fast
  • Looter Start - You're a looter, with your looter buddies. Set as a moderate criminal across all factions, no longer at war with everyone but cities are closed.
  • Vassal Start - Start as a vassal in your selected culture with a few troops
  • Kingdom Start - Start as new kingdom with no holdings, troops to pay, and not much funds to sustain it. You start with your army and 2 companion armies with troops, roughly 200 troops of different tiers in total. The options name is based on your culture. Note this start does create you a kingdom regardless of you game option. The base game quests kinda work, but I would probably recommend Sandbox No kingdom as your game option for this one to be safe.
  • Acquired a Castle - Similar to the kingdom start, but you start with a random castle in your selected culture. Still as your own kingdom.
  • Escaped from Captor - Looter start without being a criminal everywhere and no looter friends.

Start Location - Select your start location
  • Home Town - Original Cultured Start puts you a town specific for you Culture
  • Random City - Random city anywhere on map
  • Specific cities - Select from a list of factions cities

  • Make the rest of the original games character creation more dynamic to choices, as the stat assigning choices from the base game remain and don't make much sense for most of the choices.
  • More Scenarios - You can give your suggestions


Installation: Extract zCulturedStart folder into your Bannerlord Modules folder.
Make sure the Dlls in Modules\zCulturedStart\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\ are unblocked by Right Clicking - Properties - Unblock at the bottom.