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Add new troops for all the factions.
> New troop trees and T6 units for the commoner.
> New troop trees and T7 units for the nobles.

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This mod is outdated
Please see the fix for 1.8 made by
Zoloc here :

The goal of this mod is to add, for all the factions in the game, T6 troops.
With the presence in the Vanilla game of some noble troop tree, T7 units will be added to them.
Sturgia has a little more for the moment, with a female troop tree that leads to the T7 troop.

The troops are used by the NPC lords in their army.

Please see the Compatibility note at the end

Update song : "what the f*** was with the XML" edition

Introducing : "I can't believe it's working" - aka, this :

In game :

I wanted to say a big thank you to fenrir6644 for all the help and ideas. 

The troops (as of version 2.0) :

Commoner troop tree

• Vlandian Halberdier (id vlandian_halberdier)
A simple unit. Foot soldier with a good speed and a polearm. Effective against cavalry and troops in open field but terrible in close combat and sieges.

• Vlandian Heavy Cavalry (id vlandian_heavy_cavalry)
A slighlty better cavalry than the Vanguard, with maces/sword and spear for a little extra punch.

• Vlandian Squire of the Lion (id vlandian_squire_of_the_lion)
With good stats, weapon and armors, they can be a good front line unit. They are armed with a sword or a mace.

• Vlandian Zênian Crossbowman (id vlandian_genoese_crossbowman)
A better crossbowman with a custom* heavy crossbow, a slighlty better armor and a focus on the crossbow skill at the expense of other skills.
*: It's just the same crossbow than in vanilla, with some different stats. This crossbow is not (normally) available to the player.

Noble troop tree

The Ausburgian are a noble subculture of Vlandia. Repelled by the standard vlandian use of horses and spears, these warriors prefer to fight with the help of swords with oversized blades (>120 lenght).

• Ausburgian Adliger (id ausburgian_noble)
The Adliger, as a proud noble from Ausburgia, is duty-bound to fight like his ancestors. Ditching the horse, he wields an one handed longsword and a shield.
With enough experience on the field, he can choose to remain an sword/shield soldier or do make his ancestors proud and fight like a true Ausburgian : with their two handed swords.

• Ausburgian Doppelhänder (id ausburgian_zweihander)
Focusing entirely on two handed swords, their swords, the Doppelhänder possess little value for his life be makes up for it in fighting with rigor and honor.

• Ausburgian Zweihandmeister (id ausburgian_zweihandmeister)
A better two handed sword and armor. This noble is making his way into knighthood.

• Ausburgian Ritter (id vlandian_teutonic_knight)
The true Ausburgian knight. The Ritter wield a deadly two handed long sword, and possess the heavier and best armor in the game. But this comes with a price : with 70 of encumbrance, and an atheletics skill of 80, these knights are very slow.
But don't let your cavalry going into them in a vain hope of a crushing charge, as they use their swords like spear and can intercept and kill mounted units even before they can approach them.

• Ausburgian Waffenknecht (id ausburgian_waffenknecht)
Some nobles value their lives a little, and understand the tactical advantage of having a shield. Even if they never reach knighthood, they excell in one handed combat.

• Ausburgian Edelknappe (id ausburgian_edelknappe)
With heavier armor and better one handed skills, they can master one to one fights.

• Vlandian Knight of the Lion (id vlandian_knight_of_the_lion)
Heavy cavalry with incredible stats, but also very hard to obtain. Like their squires, they are armed with a sword or mace and a lance.

Commoner troop tree

• Sturgian Shield Maiden (id sturgian_shield_maiden)
One of the request I had. The start of the female troop tree has to be done with the Sturgian Warrior, so there's a little rule 63 for your soldiers. 
Due to the spculture.xml that spawn units on the villages, you have to sacrifice one unit for having another to spawn. I'm looking to bypass this.
They are a quicker but weaker counterpart to the Sturgian Soldier. They possess some throwing axes for a little extra damage.

• Sturgian Spear Maiden (id sturgian_spear_maiden)
As the name implies, the upgrade now possess a spear ; and a better armor. 

• Sturgian Huntress (id sturgian_huntress)
Better armor and shield, with some better throwing weapons too.

• Sturgian Einherjar (id sturgian_lady_einherjar)
Fast and versatile unit with 2 jereeds.

• Sturgian Valkyrie (id sturgian_valkyrie)
A mounted unit with a lot of armor and good stats. They are kinda slow for a cavalry unit but they deal a lot of damage and are obtained with a commoner troop tree instead of a noble one.

• Sturgian Ranger (id sturgian_ranger)
Armored foot archer with two quivers and a two hand sword.

• Sturgian Huskarl (id sturgian_huskarl)
A heavily armored foot soldier that fight with axes.

Noble troop tree

The Sturgian noble tree allows you to choose between cavalry, 2h infantry and longbowmen.
The Nords (and Sturgian) never seemed like a cavalry faction, so I backtracked on the addition of the Boyar. Having in mind what the sturgians will become (Nords/Vaegirs), I focused on giving 2 trees that, for me, better matched it.

The Vaeg nobles are excellent archers, but that comes at the expense of everything else.
Fighting exclusively with an 1 handed sword and leather armor, they are extremely weak at close combat. Also, their rate of fire can mean that their quiver will be rapidly depleted.
With their noble status, they often have enough money to buy good gear, meaning that their swords are better than what their skill can show.
The units are :
• Vaeg Noble (id vaeg_noble)
Decent skill in archery, but no armor and can't really defend itself.

• Vaeg Bowman (id vaeg_bowman)

• Vaeg Archer (id vaeg_archer)
This experienced archer have upgraded arrows and now a leather armor that provides decent protection.

• Vaeg Marksman (id vaeg_marksman)

• Vaeg Kngaz (id vaeg_kngaz)
The elite of the elite of archers, the Kngaz possess a customized bow for a sligtly bonus on accuracy. Sadly, this tend to make them overconfidend and try to prove to their peer that yes, they can shoot and touch troops at more than 150 meters. And sometimes, empty their reserves just because they can.
On a side note, I don't know if the Kngaz is a good addition for the Sturgian. Battania already possess the elite-archer troop, and stealing it makes me wonder.

• Sturgian Merkismathr (id sturgian_merkismathr)
The banner holder of the Jarls. This noble takes pride in his two handed axe skills at the detriment of wielding a shield.
Since the game isn't allowing the itemtype Banner to be carried by NPC troops, I asked the author of BannerPeasants if I can include his solution to allow the troops to carry it. After some testing it works perfectly, but I didn't receive any answer from him, so no banner at the moment :)

• Sturgian Thane (id sturgian_thane)
A better Huskarl, with 2 handed axe, a shield, throwing axes and a good armor.

• Sturgian Stallari (id sturgian_boyar)
What was the Boyar is now the Stallari. An amazing speed coupled with custom throwing axes, a lighter 2 handed axe and plate armor makes them deadly for groups of soldiers.
The lack of 1 handed weapon makes them unable to attack and defend themselves with a shield at the same time.

Commoner troop tree

• Khuzait Manduggai (id khuzait_manduggai)
An heavy armored archer. But that armor come with the cost of lesser bow skill and a worse bow than the Kipchak.

• Khuzait Kipchak (id khuzait_kipchak)
With a better bow, better skill in archery, this horse archer is equipped with two stacks of quivers.

• Khuzait Steppe Lancer (id khuzait_steppe_lancer)
Fast charging heavy cavalry.

• Khuzait Kuman (id khuzait_kuman)
A jack of all trades foot soldier for the Khuzait. Armed with a bow, a saber and a shield, this unit lacks in some skill with his counterparts, but compensate it with versability. Except for the iconic masked helmet, his gear is pretty mediocre.

• Khuzait Kumanlar (id khuzait_kumanlar)
Better gueared version of the Kuman.

• Khuzait Kuman Khan (id khuzait_kuman_khan)
A quite good troop unit with nice gear and finally decent skills in ranged and close combat.

Noble troop tree

• Hunnaït Archer (id hunnait_archer)
A ligthly armored archer. His incredible skills at archery allows him to fire up to 3 arrows in a successive shot.

• Hunnaït Veteran Archer (id hunnait_veteran_archer)
Better leather armor for the torso. Same capacity for 3 arrows.

• Hunnaït Elite Archer (id hunnait_elite_archer)
With a better armor, more arrows, and a better horse, this archer can fire up to 6 arrows in a quick succession.

• Hunnaït Scourge of God (id hunnait_scourge_of_god)
Now's the fun : this archer can now fire up to 9 arrows. Now equipped with medium armor, an incredible fast horse, and 2 quivers of large stack of steppe arrows.

• Xhianghaït Warrior (id xiongnu_warrior)
A heavy, banner holding, horseman fighting with 2 handed custom foreign sabre and polearm.

• Xhianghaït Kurtáj (id xiongnu_kurtaj)
Heavier and better version of the Warrior.

Commoner troop tree

• Imperial Armored Crossbowman (id imperial_armored_crossbowman)
A better crossbowman with a good armor.

• Imperial Kontaratoi (id imperial_praetorian)
A better Menavliaton with a much needed shield. Can fight with spear or a sword for close combat.

• Imperial Spathatoi (id imperial_athanatoi)
A simple but good unit. Excellent armor, sword and shield, and a good skill for athletics make it a solid foot unit.

• Imperial Varangian (id imperial_varangian)
An heavily armored foot soldier with excellent athletics and two handed weapons. He can wield axes or sword, and possess a shield for basic protection.

Noble troop tree

• Imperial Grivpanvar (id imperial_grivpanvar)
A straight upgrade from the Elite Cataphract. On top of the lance/sword/shield he already possessed, the Grivpanvar is now equipped with a Cataphract mace.

• Imperial Athanatoi (id imperial_mounted_athanatoi)
A lighter and faster Cataphract, with better skills and with a focus on polearm.

• Imperial Belisarii (id imperial_belisarii)
The elite version of the Bucellarii, with 2 stacks of better arrows and armed with a polearm instead of a sword.

• Imperial Elite Belisarii (id imperial_elite_belisarii)

• Imperial Hetaireia (id imperial_hetaireia)
A foot soldier that embodies the versatility of the Empire. This unit can fight with javelins, spears or swords and carries a heavy shield.

• Imperial Megale Hetaireia (id imperial_megale_hetaireia)

• Imperial Hetaeriarch (id imperial_hetaeriarch)

• Imperial Praetorian (id imperial_noble_praetorian)

Commoner troop tree

• Battanian Dacian Warrior (id battanian_dacian_warrior)
Falxman on steroids, with an incredible 1 handed falx sword™ and a light shield. And a beautiful armor.

• Battanian Niadh Nask (id battanian_niadh_nask)
And elite one handed/polearm wielder, with a slighlty better armor.

• Battanian Gaulan Skirmisher (id battanian_gaulan_skirmisher)
A medium cavalry skirmisher that possess a better shield and 2 throwing javelins.

• Battanian Pictish Warrior (id battanian_pictish_warrior)
A medium armored infantry with high skill that can fight with either spears or swords. Since their weapon is shorter than the standard ones, they are faster and deadlier than other units, but need to be close and personnal. They possess some javelin counter this, but not for long.

• Battanian Sotaroas (id battanian_sotaroas)
Finally, some commoner archers for Battania !
While the Sotaroas possess good skills, their goal is to shower ennemies with arrow and flank the ennemy as much as possible. With high athletic skills, they can be quickly positioned in the battlefield.
Their bow possess a speed of 120, but an accuraty of 58. Their are equipped with 2 stacks of 50 arrows.
Since they're lighly armored and with only a short sword, they'll die quickly when caught in melee.

• Battanian Veteran Sotaroas (id battanian_veteran_sotaroas)
Better armor, skills, but same weapons.

Noble troop tree

Thanks again ratedewerdo for making the Battanian nobles.

• Battanian Fian Legend (id battanian_fian_legend)
The Fian legend possess an incredible accuracy with his bow, but it comes with a slower rate of fire.

• Celtic Warrior (id celtic_warrior)

Getae troops are skirmisher with lot of throwing weapons and light/medium armor.
• Getae Skirmisher (id getae_skirmisher)

• Getae Wolf Warrior (id getae_wolf_warrior)

• Getae Pack Master (id getae_packmaster)

Suebi troops are heavy infantry armed with a two-handed sword. They're fast and aggressive, and their armor can allow them a good survivability on the battlefield.
• Suebi Warrior (id suebi_warrior)

• Suebi Veteran (id suebi_veteran)

• Suebi Honor Guard (id suebi_honor_guard)

• Suebi Warlord (id suebi_warlord)

Commoner troop tree

Camels ! Even if their troop icon seems like the camel is phasing out of reality, it just works™.
The camelry tree is a light cavalry unit that focus heavily on anti-cavalry combat with spears and javelins.

• Aserai Camelry (id aserai_camelry)
A leather armored rider that has worse skills than the foot soldier counterpart, but better polearm skill.

• Aserai Camelry Nabateai (id aserai_camelry_nabateai)
Same armor, with a little more protection, and spear, and even more focus on polearm. Some slighlty better skills for the rest.

• Aserai Mehari (id aserai_mehari)
Better armor and combat gear, and same logic for the skills. They now use a war camel instead of a generic one.

• Aserai Hashashin (id aserai_hashashin)
Ok, now I'm not convinced by this troop tree. The Hashashin are the litteral definition of glass cannon : a unit overly powered skills and items but with a mediocre defense.
They are armed with a high tier saber, a shield (at least, some of them) and focus on throwing knives.

• Aserai Nizari Hashashin (id aserai_nizari_hashashin)
Better sword and torso protection with a leather armor. A huge focus on athletics, throwing and one weapon skill.

• Aserai Nizari Murîd (id aserai_nizari_murid)
A better torso armor with a T5 leather armor, and nothing more. Incredible skills for athletics and throwing.

Noble troop tree

• Achaemenai Sparabarai (id achaemenai_sparabarai)
Wearing their signature short spears, the Sparabarai is an Archer type of unit with good ranged skills and a decent wicker shield.

• Achaemenai Elite Sparabarai (id achaemenai_elite_sparabarai)

• Achaemenai Immortal (id achaemenai_immortal)

• Aserai Clibanarii (id aserai_clibanarii)
A heavy cavalry that fight with lances and double handed maces.

• Aserai Aswar (id aserai_aswar)

• Aserai Sowar (id aserai_sowar)
A cavalry unit that fight by throwing scimitars.

• Aserai Elite Sowar (id aserai_elite_sowar)

While this mod is only adding troops, I need to use vanilla troops to makes my units upgrade from them.
For maximum compatibility, I'm only using the <skills> and <upgrade_targets> properties on the vanilla unit, meaning I'm not altering their face and equipement.

Compatibility with other mods :
• Mods that redesign the factions troops are not compatible, but they can be if you're editing their XML.
Mod authors making the redesign type of mod are using new IDs for their troops since it's the only meaningful way of changing the equipements on the vanilla units. If you want to make my mod compatible with theirs, you have to manually add in the <upgrade_target> of their troops the ID for my units.
Be sure to post in the comment section what type of mod you're using, and I'll see if I can release a compatility patch.

• Mods that redesign NPCs are sometimes also editing the vanilla troops.
These mods are currently not compatible with mine :

Mixed Gender Troops have been reported to be compatible with my mod by other users. Since it's crashing my game, I can't answer any question on it.

• Mods that add/modify equipements or names on the vanilla units are compatible with mine (except if they create new IDs for their units, in that case it's like the redesign type of mods)

• NPC Revamp is compatible.

• Unit Stat Fixes is compatible, but be sure to put my mod below/after it in your load order.

• Frugal Cavalry crash the game when upgrading a mounted unit that requires a horse.

• BanditsToNobleTroops is compatible

Note :
this mod is now save compatible. I will never delete any troop that are actually present.
But do mind that if you remove the mod and load a save with my custom troops on it, you will crash when the game will try to load the troop information (like in the party screen).
Always backup your save before using any mods.

And to be honest, with the game in early access, you will crash and/or encounter bugs during your playtime. Even without mods !

The reason :
Ever since I played Pendor, the vanilla game always feel like the endgame content for the troops was lacking.
The Noble troop tree and the Knight Orders really add something to the game.
With this mode, I hope to recreate some of this feeling, with some good, but not too much overpowered, troops.

And to be honest, modding bannerlord is really easy and fun, so why not doing it ?

This is my first mod. I playtested it, but you can found some bug with the troop upgrade.

Thanks for the mod author of Royal Guards that gave me the Idea.
Thanks for all the talented peoples working on the Prophesy of Pendor mod for Warband.
And thank you for your attention.

I hope you'll have fun.