Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

The mod aims to edit the appearance of all Npcs and give them characteristics of the ethnic groups they were based on.

Permissions and credits
The mod will put hair, skin tone and facial features according to the ethnic group the factions were based on.For example: You will no longer see Black Sturgias with bowl-cut hair or blonde Aserais, now Aserais will have darker skins to represent the Arab people, Sturgians will have Slavic and Scandinavian features, Vlandia will have Norman features, Battanians will have  Celtic features while the Kuzhaits will have Mongol traits.

As the empire in theory is formed by different ethnic groups, I just changed the hair of the Lords and some beards to leave everyone with a pattern of hair and Roman aesthetics.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that certain Lords who had extremely disproportionate faces were changed in a gentle way since my goal is not to make everyone supermodels, but just to make their faces as human as possible within their characteristics.

IMPORTANT : THIS MOD ONLY WORK WITH A NEW GAME or Download the file " NPC CODES" and manually modify each of the Lords placing their codes using the " Detailed Character Creation" another mod that you can download here in the nexus