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The mod will prioritize selecting cheaper horses when upgrading cavalry.

When upgrading units to cavalry in the base game, it seems that your most expensive horses tend to be consumed first. This mod addresses that which allows you to hang onto the better horses for your companions or yourself.

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To clarify, the game isn't explicitly choosing to take either the least or most expensive horses. When you upgrade cavalry, what happens is it gets a list of all of the items in your inventory, and then it checks each item in the list from beginning to end looking for a horse. It will take the first horse that it finds regardless of price. That list isn't being sorted, so if your most expensive horse happens the first one in the list, that's the one that will be consumed. So under what circumstances will your most expensive horse be first in the list? I don't know because I haven't looked into it. What this mod does is sort that list from least expensive to most expensive so that your cheapest horses will always be consumed first.

So to sum up, a unit that requires a regular horse to upgrade will still consume a regular horse. This mod will ensure that when you upgrade such a unit, the least expensive regular horse is consumed. A unit that requires a warhorse to upgrade will still consume a warhorse. This mod will ensure that when you upgrade such a unit, the least expensive warhorse is consumed.

Note that novel horses such as "Husnphree" may still be consumed if they are the cheapest option.


Extract the "FrugalCavalry" directory from the archive, and then move it into your "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\" directory.

Make sure to unblock the dlls after you install.