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Gives you full control of skill progression for the player or non-player characters by allowing modification of the experience added on a per skill / skill group basis as well as allowing the modification of the learning rates and learning limits and their thresholds!

Works with or without Modlib!

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Due to requests for updates I've decided to release all my mods source, it's all very old and very, very messy. Feel free to fork the repo and make a functional version. If someone makes a functional version and wants it uploaded to this page I'd be happy to do so.

Check my sticky'd post in the posts tab for the latest information in case this page is outdated!

The manual configuration file is located in experiencemultiplier/bin/win64_shipping_client/experiencemultiplier.xml!

Update 0.5.0 has added support for changing individual skill experience rates as well as skill category experience rates!
Update 0.6.0 has added support for player only and player faction checks and multipliers!
Update 0.6.5 has added new "linear" XP scaling so higher skills receive more XP compared to lower levels!
Update 0.8.0 has integrated ModLib!
Update 0.9.9 has updated to Modlib 1.3.1, making it a soft dependency and fixing a ton of bugs and crash scenarios!
Update 0.9.99 has updated to make Modlib a true soft dependency and take either an independent config or a modlib config!
Update 1.0.0 has updated to try and fix the tournament bug, I have only tested the independent config variant but it appears to be working!

COMPLETELY uninstall the old version before updating! Any artifacts from a prior version may cause the mod to not work!

To manually install download the archive and extract the ExperienceMultiplier folder inside the archive into the Modules folder in your Bannerlord directory.

Config Stuff- The default values that match vanilla are the default settings of the mod!
The global multiplier, named Multiplier under MultiplierSettings, is applied to ALL experience gains.
The skill category multipliers (VIGMultiplier, CTRMultiplier, etc.) is applied ONLY to its respective skills but also RECEIVES the global modifier.
The skill multipliers (OneHandedMultiplier, TwoHandedMultiplier, etc.) is applied ONLY to its respective skill but also RECEIVES the global modifier and skill category multiplier.

A global Multiplier of 2, a VIGMultiplier of 2, and a OneHandedMultiplier of 2 would result in 2*2*2 = 8x Experience Gain for OneHanded.

As of 0.6.0 you can also now apply multipliers to the player hero and the player faction companions. These are added on top of the other multipliers to their respective target, so from the above example if you add another 2x through the PlayerHeroMultiplier it'll come out to 2*2*2*2*2 = 16x rates for the player hero. The same logic applies to companions.

The learning settings apply multipliers for the learning rates and limits in the character page-
The learning rate multiplier will visibly change the learning rate under character as well as apply a global experience multiplier. I recommend to ONLY have LearningRateMultiplier or Multiplier at a non 1 value as they stack.
The learning limit multiplier affects the soft cap for skill levels. This functions independently from the other skill multipliers.
The minimum learning rate should set the lowest possible XP gain rates for a skill. Vanilla can go down to 0, so setting MinimumLearningRate to a non zero value will allow you to continue leveling indefinitely as the game will now bottom out at this value.

You may have to unblock 0Harmony.dll in the module's bin if the game crashes on load and make sure to check the troubleshooting steps!

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Shameless stream plug

Updated to use a module format based on the efforts of mildeww and the examples he made for his Bannerlord Tweaks mod!
Updated to use mildeww's fantastic ModLib for easier modification of values!
Updated to use a configuration based on the effort of DzjengisKhan and how his Configure Your Clan mod handled loading XMLs!
Thanks to all the great posters, like NightCompany, who've given me the information I need to implement new features!

My mod may be incompatible with anything that patches AddSkillXp in Hero as well as the learning limit and rate calculations in DefaultCharacterDevelopmentModel. When in doubt, load this mod last. If it still does not function (but the game launches) then something is broken at a deeper level. Try to turn on the debug messages to see what's going on under the hood if this happens!