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New bulk recipes! Adds a configurable way to change stamina costs and researching new parts as well as a configurable options to change chances of rolling higher tier items and their bonuses as well as increasing the thresholds allowed for weapon scaling

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This description is old, check the file description or the sticky'd comment to find more information.

Update 0.6.0 has added new bulk recipes that will appear at the bottom of the refinement crafting list if you have the corresponding vanilla perks unlocked (ie Efficient Charcoal Maker, Efficient Iron Maker, etc.).
Update 0.7.0 has added configurations for new bulk recipes inputs and outputs
Update 0.8.0 has added an increased maximum and minimum scaling for crafting


THE CONFIG HAS BEEN MOVED FROM BANNERLORD'S BIN TO THE MODULE'S OWN BIN, THE NEW PATH IS Modules/ImprovedSmithing/bin/Win64_Shipping_Client/improvedsmithingconfig.xml

There is now a default .xml config so you can edit the settings before loading the game. If you're updating the mod then you should probably delete the old config and have it generate a new one. The config elements are listed below in a little more detail.

If you want infinite smithing, set the energy costs to 0!

This module should be compatible with anything that doesn't explicitly override the energy costs models or tier stat calculation methods.

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New options with 0.6.0+ are documented in the .xml
Config Options as of version 0.5.2

RefineCost | Vanilla = 6 | The amount of stamina consumed when doing a refine action.

SmithCost | Vanilla = 20 | The amount of stamina consumed when doing a smithing action.

SmeltCost | Vanilla = 10 | The amount of stamina consumed when doing a smelting action.

Setting any of the costs to 0 will result in that action taking no stamina; if you set all costs to 0 then you will effectively have infinite stamina.

ResearchCount | Vanilla = 4 | A modifier to the amount of research points (awarded base on skill of smith and materials consumed or produced in the action) needed to research a new part. Setting this value higher, such as to 40, increases the number of researched parts per action.

The chances also increase depending on how much higher your smithing skill is than the perk requirement. Going far above the requirement will result in a 100% chance to craft that tier. I may make this chance configurable later on.

FineChance | Vanilla = 0.2 | The chance, in percent, that a fine weapon is crafted if you have the perk. 0.2 = 20%, 0.3 = 30%, 1.0 = 100%, etc.

MasterworkChance | Vanilla = 0.15 | The chance, in percent, that a masterwork weapon is crafted if you have the perk. 0.15 = 15%, 0.2 = 20%, etc.

LegendaryChance | Vanilla = 0.05 | The chance, in percent, that a legendary weapon is crafted if you have the perk. 0.05 = 5%, 0.1 = 10%, etc.

LowSkillPenalty | Vanilla = true | In vanilla if your smithing is below the weapon crafting difficulty there is a roll to decide whether the gets -1 to -5 bonus points to make the weapon worse than its base form. LowSkillPenalty = true means that it uses vanilla behavior and can roll debuffed weapons. Setting this to false will result in the negative bonus points roll to be skipped entirely, resulting in a base model weapon to be crafted before tier bonuses are taken into account.

How tier bonus points works- Each tier of weapon is assigned a certain number of points to distribute into the weapon's various stats at random. The vanilla point values for fine is 2, masterwork is 5, and legendary is 10. The low skill penalties range from -1 to -5.
How bonus points work- When creating the weapon the bonus points are allocated to the weapon stats at random to meet the number of points available. For example, if a weapon has 5 bonus points to distribute then it may receive +2 thrust speed and +3 handling, or any mixture of points that sum up to 5.

TierBonusMultiplier | Vanilla = 1 | Mutliplies the number of bonus points from POSITIVE tiers (fine, masterwork, and legendary). If using a multiplier of 2, for example, then the awarded bonus points will be 4 for fine, 10 for masterwork, and 20 for legendary.

TierBonusFlatIncrease | Vanilla = 0 | Adds a flat amount of bonus points to ALL tiers (poor variants, normal, fine, masterwork, and legendary). If using a flat increase of 10, then all bonus points will have +10 assigned to it. If rolling a legendary using a multiplier of 1 then the total number of bonus points will be 20. If rolling a poor weapon with a total of -5 bonus points, then the bonus points after the flat increase of ten will be +5.