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Just drop in Bannerlord Folder and overwrite "settlements.xml", make a back up first.

Load Order:

If you are having issues getting the recruits to show etc try messing with the mod load order, This mod loads 4th last in my list.

Last but not least please all stay safe.


Added more wolf fur to troops. Added furs to archer units. 2 more varieties of Viking Noble Youth.


Changed place names of Revyl.

*Please note, command console should be loaded AFTER this mod to pick up new names*


Changed unit names and also names of peasants, townsman and towswomen, have taken a few liberties!


N/A to current version.


More hats for the locals, after all its the north!

1.6 Cavalry Update

I have been thinking alot about Viking cavalry and doing some reading. As mentioned in the forum Vikings were known to ride to battle and dismount to fight as infantry. With the ability in Bannerlord to dismount troops I wanted to try to implement something that would allow me to do this. My current versions serverly limited cavalry through the noble recruitment branch and I would never be able to recruit enough cavalry to make an all cavalry army that I would literally dismount before fighting, if the enemy ran I could remount and chase. So, to this end I have incorporated the ability to recruit cavalry not only through the noble branch but the normal tree as well. It is worth noting though, I have bumped up the maintanance cost of both the 26 and 31, and also made it so you need warhorses to recruit top tier cavalry. A note on the cavalry itself, you can use it as cavalry but I have given them crappy horse riding skills and there weapons are the same as the infantry equivelents, no lances or barding here!

1.7 Mounted Archers

Removed in later update.


Weapon tweaks, have matched weapon tiers to units and upgraded the horses to next tier, in my game some of the cavalry was struggling to catch fleeing infantry the horses were so pap! Few teaks to upgrade paths, bannermen are no longer end of path, I was getting annoyed looking at my infantry saying it could be upgraded but I don't want an army full of banners! I have stepped bannerman recruitment back 1 step to sort this.


I have filled out the troop tree. Whilst I have tried to stick with historical troops, its a game and I want to maximise troop types without stepping to far away from historical accuracy. I have kept ladies in there, some people have made mention of this and whilst I agree that there is no solid evidence of whole female formations there are records of some ladies fighting. The female infantry are the swordwomen.
I have read a quote about Huskarls being 2 handed axe armed so they are purely 2 handed axe armed, great for city attack but keep them safe around heavy archer armies as you would your berserkers.
I have added a couple of warrior monks, again the names are historical and I have taken a few liberties to kit them out, poor armor but good stats and I have made them mace and shield armed for a bit more survivability.
I have removed the bannermen as a seperate entity to free up slots, the merkismathr now have a 20% chance of spawning with a banner.


I have changed the mounted archers to shielded archers, was not happy with how the game was playing seeing viking horse archers run around the field with the AI!
New individual armor sets for each lord.
Numerous weapon and armor updates for the troops.
All the lords have small back stories.


Have beefed out the Viking Kingdom, and also the Sturgians who were being rolled over pretty quickly. Given 4 castles to the sturgians and taken castles of various factions for the new kingdom,
I have also beefed up the heros and put in some children etc.


New viking kingdom added, the Kingdom of Veborg. In true Viking style she has raided up the east coast and up to the north and the far west. She landed in Aserai lands and captured Sanala, which is now a viking coastal town. 1 village has also been settled by vikings and apart from the city itself these are the only places to recruit viking warriors. She also holds a castle on the east coast of Vlandia, north coast of the Empire and in the far west on the borders of Khuzait lands, again here only 1 village has been settled. Her realm is far flung.

Lead them, join them or drive them out the choice is yours.


Filled out the sword branch. 2 new tiers added up to level 31 finishing in a 2 handed sword variety. I know this is not really history proof, but its a game and I want to get in as much troop variety as possible.


Fixed issue with sword arm not upgrading correctly, missing lvl 16.


Moved shield maidens to lvl 26. so I can finish of the sword tree, took a little bit of liberty with the lvl 31 sword and shield unit. Also been reading about the Jomsvikings and wanted to get these in so am making them purely spear and shield. Have made the core tree all axe/spear/sword and shield. So now we have a spear tree, and sword tree on top of the other troops.


"The Jomsvikings were an order of Viking mercenaries or brigands of the 10th century and 11th century. They were staunchly Pagan and dedicated to the worship of such deities as Odin and Thor. They reputedly would fight for any lord able to pay their substantial fees and occasionally fought alongside Christian rulers. Although they were Pagan, the institutions of the Jomsvikings in some ways foreshadowed those of the Christian Knightly Orders of the later Middle Ages".

I have changed helmet styles and as stated made them the spear tree.


Finished of the sword arm with these beauties (my opinion), wanted them to look pretty umiform so armor the same mixed weapons and helmets, I think (my opinion) they look good with the metal shields.

"Úlfhéðinn (plural Úlfhéðnar) is an Old Norse term for a warrior with attributes parallel to those of a berserker , but with a lupine aspect rather than ursine; both terms refer to a special type of warrior capable of performing feats far beyond the abilities of normal people."

"I think it would be cool to have both the berserker and the ulfhednar as two choices for tier 6 (the berserker with a focus on power over athletics and the ulfhednar with a focus on athletics over power)"

sicilianopino left the above which got me thinking about implementing this. Svinfylking have a balanced weapon skill and athletics, with beserkers having good athletics with crazy weapon skill (best in tree), whilst wolfs have crazy athletics (best in tree) with a lesser weapon skill ability.


"In Norse mythology, the wild boar was an animal sacred to the Vanir. The powerful god Freyr owned the boar Gullinbursti and the goddess Freyja owned Hildisvíni ("battle swine"), and these boars can be found depicted on Swedish and Anglo-Saxon ceremonial items. The boar-warriors fought at the lead of a battle formation known as Svinfylking ("the boar's head") that was wedge-shaped, and two of their champions formed the rani ("snout"). They have been described as the masters of disguise, and of escape with an intimate knowledge of the landscape.[6] Similar to the berserker and the ulfhednar, the svinfylking boar-warriors used the strength of their animal, the boar, as the foundation of their martial arts".

Using these as entry level for other berserker troops as I wanted to make wolf and bear slightly different for variety. These bad boys are shield and axe armed, but minimal armor and nothing on the head. I have given them bearskin shoulders to try to emulate boarskin. They are pretty quick with good 1 handed, but crappy at everything else. If you can keep them alive as they will out pace your infantry due to lightweight armor and weapons and good athletics.


"The frenzy warriors wearing the skins of wolves were called Úlfhéðnar ("wolf coat"; singular Úlfheðinn), another term associated with berserkers, mentioned in the Vatnsdæla saga, the Haraldskvæði and the Völsunga saga. They were said to wear the pelt of a wolf when they entered battle. Úlfhéðnar are sometimes described as Odin's special warriors: "[Odin's] men went without their mailcoats and were mad as hounds or wolves, bit their shields...they slew men, but neither fire nor iron had effect upon them".

Another bare chested arm, silly athletics and good one handed, shield and axe armed with wolf pelt on shoulders and head.


"It is proposed by some authors that the berserkers drew their power from the bear and were devoted to the bear cult, which was once widespread across the northern hemisphere. The berserkers maintained their religious observances despite their fighting prowess, as the Svarfdæla saga tells of a challenge to single-combat that was postponed by a berserker until three days after Yule. The bodies of dead berserkers were laid out in bearskins prior to their funeral rites. The bear-warrior symbolism survives to this day in the form of the bearskin caps worn by the guards of the Danish monarchs".

Kept these 2 handed axe armed for variety, have some fur armour with the good athletics skills to match their crazy weapon skills. Good for clearing walls, if you can get them through the archers. Bear fur all around and gone with rough bearskin to split them a little from their boar brothers.


N/A to latest version.

3.1 Update


On 2 Jun TaleWorlds updated the settlements.xml. This is the updated one. This has had no effect on my save since updating to 3.0. I DON'T KNOW IF THIS WILL WORK ON VERSIONS PRIOR TO 3.0.

Updating the settlements.xml file is pretty labour intensive so I have updated culture info and only the names of the cities.



Added a new culture to the game. Veborgs own, basically it got me thinking that vikings couldn't just start recruiting troops in foreign territory, not many norse in the desert! This is my attempt to try to implement this in my mod. Basically in all the villages and Veborg itself you can recruit the new tree. To tie in with my back story for Veborg the village of Veborgfell is where she initially landed and made her camp for future conquest. From here she conquered, I can't remember the city name that became Veborg, and what is now Veborg castle. Veborgfell is a Viking settlement and you can recruit the full range of Viking troops, but everywhere else a mix of Viking and Aserai troops, to try to simulate the slow integration of the 2 cultures over the intervening years.

Took some liberties with the troop tree, and have a few ideas to expand it a little in the future, but we will see.

Have updated village names and added a few village back stories. I have also include the string updates as 1.4.1 is now stable. Please remember to back up the over written files.

Hope you enjoy, and again STAY SAFE!


Fixed crash error in 4.0, sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Save game compatible.

Just drop in Bannerlord folder and overwrite.

Updated names of duplicated viking troops so I can see which tree I am recruiting on, it was confusing me, still that wouldn't be hard:)


Save game compatible.

Just drop in Bannerlord folder and overwrite.

Added new troops to the Veborg tree.

Looking at the Vikings worship of animals especially amongst the berserker types, got me thinking. I have tried to implement a sort of animal worship in the Veborg Viking branch. In game the only skin is the leopard skin so there it is, welcome to the "Kitta" troops. I have made the noble branch a sort of guard arm. Arms and weapons are consistent across all tiers but as they level up they get a bump in skills. I have also added a "Hreysi-Kottr" in the main branch. My attempt at a sort of berserker type. Aserai culture little armor and dressed in leopard pelt, good skills as other berserkers. The names of these troops are based around norse words for "cat", masculine and feminine. "Ketta" being feminine and "Kottr" masculine.

I have also mis mashed the Veborg Vikings. Viking settlers would have ample access to local arms and armor so I have mixed allsorts in the tree to try to show this. They look a right rabble!

Various other changes. See the picture of the "Ketta" branch, like my Valhol Skalmaers, very pretty (in my opinion).


Save game compatible.

Just drop in Bannerlord folder and overwrite.

I linked my viking culture with lots of fur, wolf and bear etc. I have tried to do this for the veborg culture by swapping out all the wolf and bear and replacing it with leopard. Only the Jomsvikings (mercanaries) are in their native attire. I have also done this through the troop tree to link them in.

Lots of visual changes to the villagers and townspeople in the veborg culture. Tried to mix it with the aserai culture so more variety in towns and villages.



Just drop in Bannerlord folder and overwrite. Please make sure you make back ups of any origional files.

As there is an ongoing issue with talking to new lords crashing the game (see bugs) I have stream lined the mod. I have removed several veborg lords and now she is just in the south.

This is the game version I play with. I will not be updating the orgional mod after 4.1.3 as I have moved it on a bit. In this version you have a new Knight Order which is part of the Vlandian Empire and I have made the Southern Empire a Rome type faction. Both of these have been done by adding 2 new cultures (still tidying them up with regards to towns folk etc).

Order of St George

St George, because I am English:), this is a knightly order based around the city of Charas and Usanc Castle, these being the only places you can recruit them. Great Knightly Orders based around in game skin options, and I have made them Longbow instead of crossbow. As they spend alot of the time fighting the Aserai there are horse archers.


All of the Southern Empire is now Rome culture. There are some fantastic troop mods for the roman culture but this is my play. The cavalry and auxillary troops are standard fair, the infantry though from legionary up are 1 rank higher.They wear a standard uniform, can't see a legionary being issued leather then mail then plate as they get experience, so basically you are paying for a better soldier.

I KNOW ROMANS DID'T FIGHT VIKINGS, but its a game and I wanted to play with various things.

If you don't want these changes just stick with the 4.1.3 version.

As I say if I make any changes it will be to this version moving forward, but we will see how it goes as I try to update to the next stable version of the game.

ENJOY and as ever please stay safe:)

6.0 Alternative

All above but no kingdoms or clans so no issue with crash problem. Viking troops are recruitable around Revyl area with Veborg troops the other end around Tyal. St George and Roman types as above.