Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Lets you marry faction leaders, minor faction leaders, notable townspeople, and even companions.

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Marry Anyone Easy makes it easier to pick up the common folk on your journeys!
Now companions and notables don't need to be swayed by a random number generator.

Please verify your files if you have any issues with the mod and removing other mods doesn't work (usually after Bannerlord updates).
As always, back up your saves before using Marry Anyone or dealing with mods in general.
I'm currently working on a few bug fixes before I roll out more anticipated features to the mod.

Check out Heritage by zenDzee to fix skills of newborn children and more:
UPDATE: TaleWorlds said that this will be fixed in the next patch. We'll see if it is.


With Marry Anyone, there are more options available to you when it comes to companionship.
Basically, anyone who has a name is an option:
  • Faction leaders
  • Minor faction leaders
  • Notables such as gangsters, merchants, etc.
  • Companions

Now you have even more romance options on top of the most recent patch!

There are a few fixes to get this to work better (inspired by Hero Encyclopedia Entry Fix by Designer225).
This includes having notables and companions incorporated into the encyclopedia as well as the clan menu.

For now, you can only marry the opposite sex.
I might look into making other options available in the near future (maybe some Crusader Kings options).

This mod has been tested with both e1.4.0 and e1.4.1.
NOTE: I have been testing my most recent builds with e1.4.1 only now, so it may have some unknown issues with e1.4.0.

Marry Anyone will probably not be compatible with other mods that affect marriage options.

This is also one of my first mods and the first one ever to be published on the Nexus so bear with me if there are problems that arise.