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Any townsfolk, villagers, merchants, notables, and some of the tavern employees can be recruited to your party as companions.

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Updated mod for e1.8.0. It is now a slimmed down and rewritten version that uses a different method to recruit people. Not all features are back in at the moment.

Recruit Everyone
is a mod that allows you to recruit pretty much everyone that you can see as companions.
The only notable exceptions as of now are ransom brokers, arena masters, and guards.

If you want more companions, use No Companion Limit for e1.5.5.

There are also a few fixes made such as decreasing the elderly population and making the tavern maids younger.

Be sure to backup saves before using this mod!


Most villagers and townsfolk can be hired at a price based off of how a wanderer would be hired.
They will also earn skills and get equipment based off of companion templates.
That means you WILL need wanderer templates in order for the mod to work (need one for each gender and each culture).

In the future, I would like to find a way to balance the skills and equipment wanderers get to suit their occupation.

I have taken the time to test the mod thoroughly and all the dialog options should work, but there could be some bugs that can be found with this mod.
If there are any bugs, let me know! Also, unblock DLLs if you have issues launching the game.

The hopes of this mod is to use it side by side with other mods that interact with heroes in the game.
One goal of mine is to get the Marry Anyone mod to work alongside this mod to improve the gameplay experience.