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This module is native expansion pack for Mount&Blade Warband. It's version is v0.6 and please note that, this version is still in beta, for additional information please check Taleworlds page;,348049.0.html

Permissions and credits
Firstly I want to tell that, this mod is totally different from Native Expansion module. Both mods has different system, and features.

Mod is still in beta. It's playable for Warband 1.158+. But if you playing this mod, you should remember that, there can be too many bugs and every new version of this mod can be compatible with old save games or not. For languages, you can use Native languages for mod, but some dialogs can be changed, so if you tell me which dialog has a problem, I can give you the sentence in English, so you can fix it. I am always open your ideas, so you can reply or send private message to me and you can sure I will reply them as soon as possible.

ORG language file (which is totally English) is created by python automatically, so please don't translate it, because if you do that, it can be removed at next update. If you want to translate please create your own file, like en, tr, fr, es, it, etc...

Also you need to know this, Dark Nights module is Turkish expansion and I have never share it to another websites as a Russian or another languages, so please don't download this mod anywhere else for your security. I don't know any languages except Turkish and English. For Turkish mod page, click here.

If you want new items you can send me:
  • Your own items, animations, etc... If they are suitable for game, I can add them. (They should be BRF.)
  • If you want some new feature, like hunting, etc. you can reply this post. (If there is an OSP link or some examples about feature (like pictures, links, videos, etc.) please let me know.)

Note: This module is released Jan 2015, but still in BETA because I am working alone and everyday learning new things, and try to do my best every time, so there can be a long time between every updates. Also this module can have many bugs and if you find a bug, please let me know, and I can fix it as soon as possible.

For additional information and change log, check taleworlds page;