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Dynamic camera control in Dialogue. Idle animation enhancement for Player and NPC's. Part of the May Modathon month.

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Part of the May Modathon month.

Plays idle animations on the player when stationery. Plays extra random idle animations on NPC's when a Dialogue window is opened with them. Auto and manual camera control while Dialogue window is open. Choose a standalone animation selected from a playlist, and play it on the player anytime using a hotkey.

OpenMW Dynamic Actors

Features currently supported :

Auto switch to First Person view when Dialogue window opens
Camera auto zoom-in towards NPC when Dialogue window opens
Enable manual camera control during Dialogue when in 3rd Person view

Choose a new idle animation for the player, that plays when standing still
Can have additional random animations that play on top of the above

Auto remove helmet when not in combat stance

Play custom standalone animation using Hotkey.

Disable game pause when Dialogue window is opened
Extra scripted random animations are played on NPC during Dialogue
Make NPC turn to face you during Dialogue

See Readme documentation for detailed mod usage instructions.

Credits: GrumblingVomit and Vidi Aquam for the original animation files that were modified for use here.

Petr Mikheev for the excellent UiModes that provided the inspiration for enhancing the gameplay of unpaused Dialogue.