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Inspect a variety of objects.

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Inspect It!

This mod allow you to inspect a variety of objects.

How to use

Begin Inspection

  • You can inspect an object by pressing the assigned key binding (default: F2) when you mouseover an item in the inventory and an activatable object in the world with the cursor. Or you look at an activatable object with the crosshair.

During Inspection

  • You can rotate, move and zoom an object with your mouse.
  • If there is another look, you can switch to it. E.g., sheathed weapons or the contents of books and scrolls.
  • To finish the inspection, press the same key binding as for the beginning.


  • The latest nightly build of Morrowind Script Extender 2.1
  • Morrowind Graphics Extender XE: Enable shaders must be enabled to use focuse effect. However, there is no need to set up anything in Shader setup.


  • Right Click Menu Exit by Merlord: Right-click to exit inspection.
  • Tooltips Complete by Anumaril21: If those are descriptions by that mod, it can be displayed during the inspection.
  • Weapon Sheathing by TES3 Community: If those are sheathed weapons by that mod, you can switch the display to it.

Known Issues and Future Work

  • When it is not lit, it is rendered in front of the UI.
  • It does not work correctly while rotating the camera while holding down the tab key during TPV.
  • It does not open and read books and scrolls that include a script. The reason for this is to avoid accidentally opening them, for some of them involve a quest to see if they have been opened or not.
  • For some objects, the initial orientation or position is not appropriate.
  • If you look at an object from an angle you do not normally see, you may see that there is no geometry there and it looks like a hole. This problem possibly can be solved by model replacer mods.
  • To inspect the player yourself, you have to be TPV.
  • Animations are not played. Especially particles.
  • Trailer-type particles are not displayed.
  • Light sources do not light up.