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NEW version for Full Working of Kezyma's Voices of Vvardenfell, all dialogue now playable. OpenMW 0.49 only.

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OpenMW patch for Voices of Vvardenfell by Kezyma

New release for OpenMW version 0.49 only. Full working of VoV under OpenMW, all Dialogue now playable.

Beta test release uploaded for testing. You will need a recent release of OpenMW 0.49. You will also need to install the OpenMW Lua helper utility, which provides the Dialogue support ESP and lua script. Instructions are provided on that page on how to install it.

This update provides a new version of the VoV OpenMW patch, that allows for playback of ALL voice files from the Voices of Vvardenfell mod, including generic dialogue. The original MWSE script has been modified to run under OpenMW.

Installation and usage

Disable in the launcher or uninstall any previous version of the OpenMW ESP patch for Voices of Vvardenfell.
Make sure the OpenMW Lua helper utility is installed properly, and it's three files enabled in the Game Launcher.

Unzip the files from the new VoV All Dialogue patch download to an OpenMW data folder, and enable the file "VoV OpenMW.omwscripts" in your mod load order in the Launcher. It needs to load anywhere after the OpenMW_luahelper.omwscripts entry that was put in when you installed the OpenMW Lua helper utility. Screenshots are provided in the media section to show suggested load order.

In game, you can press F10 to open the log viewer. During dialogue, you should see messages whenever it finds the correct voice file to play, or a message if it can't find it.

Compatibility issues
As with the older patch, if you use any mod that overhauls vanilla dialogue by altering dialogue entries, it will block this mod from playing the voice files correctly. A solution to these conflicts is the Delta Plugin mod by Benjamin Winger. has a page describing its' usage, and a download link, and users have had a lot of success in unblocking much of the missing voice audio.

Since this is a Beta test release for now, I advise not using any important Save files while this mod and the OpenMW Lua helper mod are enabled in your load order. Any questions, conflicts with other mods, make a post and I'll do my best to help. Thanks.

Additional note: If you have a video of the new Lua-based patch working successfully with your Mod loadout, feel free to upload a video link to the Media section.

Old version description :


This ESP patches all of the unique dialogue in the game that is tied to a specific Npc, to allow OpenMW users to hear the voice audio from the Voices of Vvardenfell mod, or any similar mod that uses voice audio files with names that match the internal InfoID of the dialogue entries in the game .ESM files.

To make this work, required modifying over half of all dialogue entries in the game (15511 to be precise) using an automated script. I have no idea what that level of mass dialogue editing does to game stability, hence the warning at the start.

Despite that, I have to say in my testing so far I haven't encountered any obvious game breaking critical bugs. So I'm putting this out there for others to try out as they see fit.

Modifying so many dialogue entries, guarantees this mod will conflict with practically any other mod out there. So make sure this ESP goes at the lowest priority position in your mod load order, so that it cannot override the content of any other mod. The only files it should have priority over are the base Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon .ESM files.

OpenMW VoV patch unique dialog only.esp
( all your other mods )

Since this is just a basic ESP file, it should work on all versions of OpenMW currently in use. However, if you have OpenMW 0.49, I strongly recommend installing UiModes by Petr Mikheev, to use with this. This gives the option of unpausing dialogue windows, so you will have speaking animations on the Npc as the voice audio is being played.

This mod contains no assets or modified files from Kezyma's Voices of Vvardenfell mod, so obviously you will need to download and install that or an equivalent voice mod, to hear any kind of voice audio.


Kezyma obviously for the immense work and commitment put into organising and assembling his voice audio overhaul.

Greatness7 for Tes3Conv without which this mod would have been impossible.