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A MWSE version of my original mod where Guards tell you to sheathe your weapon if you have it out. This version dynamically extends to more guards and has other improvements.

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A MWSE edit of my original mod, courtesy of the brilliant Spammer.

The MWSE version has the following advantages:

1) It dynamically extends to all guards that the voices cover - including mods like Tamriel Rebuilt.
2) It doesn't edit any NPCs directly.
3) The mod has been improved to give you a bounty if you provoke an attack, and to force surrounding guards to attack you as well.
4) Guard reactions are improved. They turn to face you now, will follow you if you don't sheathe your weapon, and actually draw their weapon (but don't attack) after the second warning.
5) Orc guards in Gnisis are now voiced as well.
6) It'll be compatible with whatever guard diversity mod you prefer to use. But remember - not all race/gender combos are voiced!

TL:DR - it's the better version of the mod, but I'm keeping the original for OpenMW users.

Guards will tell you to sheathe your weapon if you have it out. If you ignore their second warning, they'll attack. You have 11 seconds to comply, so they're tougher than Robocop.

Voices are built using ElevenAI.

Covers male and female Dunmer guards, Ordinators, and male Imperial and Orc guards.

Why aren't all guards voiced?

Only the above race/gender combos have coverage.

A guard listed above isn't reacting to my weapon.

First, they need to be a guard class. Second, the area needs to be illegal to rest in. You can add additional cells to mark them as 'guard cells' in the mod options.

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Spammer - all the hard work making this MWSE version! You rock!
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