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Travel to Uncle Sweetshare's cabin on December 1st to collect a gift.
Rinse and repeat until December 24th for a unique gift

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Version 1.1
- OpenMW 0.49 compatible
- fixed the config file
Version 1.1b
- simplified installation folder

Travel to Uncle Sweetshare's Cabin on December 1st to open the first box of your Advent Calendar.

Come back the next day, and the next... until December 24th.

I highly recommend Just Drop It as well as Perfect Placement so you can place your gifts (some of them are ornaments) nicely.
For OpenMW users, Ashlander Architect is recommended

OpenMW users (0.49 only, don't forget to activate the scripts.)
MWSE users, ignore (delete even the Advent Calendar.omwscripts)

There's a scroll of Mark and a few potions or Recall so you can travel back with ease.

Merlord for the code
Zackhasacat for the OpenMW compatible version
Team Gluhwein 2022 for the hat, shield, gluewein, snowball, and jumper models. (All from the excellent Gluhwein 2022 - Seyda Neen)
Korana for the stocking, fancy xmas tea set, xmas card, xmas lights, and tree ornaments models.
TommyKhajiit for the candles (UV maps fixed by me), plates, and napkin models.
Remiros for the pipe model
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.