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This mod changes the ghost fence, the 3 player strongholds, and Raven Rock to be disabled/enabled at the correct time, not when they are in render range.

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This mod, similarly to Hemaris's Dynamic Distant Buildings, will disable and enable objects as the game progresses, not when they are in range. Normally, the distant ghost fence will appear to be enabled in the distance, but will turn off when you get closer. This mod changes it to turn off all at once, as soon as the main quest is finished.

It also disables the 3 player strongholds and Raven Rock. 

The upside here, is that there is no ESP file, so this mod is compatible with almost every mod that changes these objects. If you do encounter any issue, please let me know here, and I will address it.

I've tested Raven Rock with the mod Tomb of the Snow Prince, and it appears to be compatible. I've also tested Uvirith's Legacy, and it is enabled at the game start.

I have not played through any stronghold quests, modded or vanilla, with this mod, but it should become enabled as you progress those quests.