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Makes distant land more responsive to quest progress. Great House strongholds do not appear in the distance at game start, and the whole Ghostfence vanishes at the end of the main quest.

Permissions and credits
This mod takes advantage of OpenMW's dynamic object paging/distant land system to make quest-related buildings only visible in the distance at the right quest stages. It has no visible effect in MGE XE.

By default, the Great House strongholds are visible in the distance until you approach each one for the first time. And parts of the Ghostfence forcefield remain visible after you complete the main quest until you approach each one individually. This mod fixes that by giving every single door, plank, lantern, bucket, etc. a unique ID, and adding scripts which individually tell each object to enable or disable at the exact moment when the quest progress advances.

Compatibility with other mods
The way this mod works means it is incompatible with other mods that change the landscape around the Ghostfence and the player strongholds, or which move the buildings in those cells.

To mitigate that problem as much as possible, it is divided into separate plugins for the Ghostfence, the Hlaalu stronghold, the Redoran stronghold, and the Telvanni stronghold. For example, if you are playing with another mod that changes Tel Uvirith, you can use the Hlaalu and Redoran plugins from this mod and they will still work.

This mod's stronghold plugins are incompatible with Under Construction, but they incorporate its fixes to the scaffolding construction sequence.

Compatibility with MGE XE
MGE XE distant land is static, which means this mod will have no visible effect in MGE XE. It won't crash, but it won't appear to do anything, either. If MGE XE is ever updated to have dynamic distant land, this mod might "just work" out of the box, since it is based on very basic MWscript features and all of the scripts are compiled.