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Adds small skyrim-a-like crosshair with ownership mod compatibility

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Small Skyrim Crosshair (OpenMW compatible)
This mod replaces your crosshair with one inspired by Skyrim.
There are more of those around but I felt another was required, this one is smaller and nonintrusive - but only if you follow installation instructions.

For Morrowind's old engine it includes a red '' version, which is used in combination with Yacobi based ownership mods.
For OpenMW that file will be ignored which is just fine, you might even like to remove it.

OpenMW Installation
Copy the "Textures"-folder into your Morrowind "Data Files" folder
 Or order it properly with its vfs functionality (seen OpenMW for that)

Morrowind Installation & Usage
Install Smart Crosshair* (
Copy the "Textures"-folder into your Morrowind "Data Files" folder
 Or order it properly using a mod organizer like Mod Organizer 2 (Recommended!) or Wrye Mash.
Disable the crosshair in your Morrowind Settings (and also in MGE XE !), otherwise Morrowind will put a upscaled version over the one added by Smart Crosshair.

* Untested with other ownership mods, I know it works with some UI mods, for Ownership Indicator you'll have to do manual editing as it's not compatible by default.

Credits & Thanks
Bethesda: Thanks for your great games, especially singleplayer!
GIMP: Great (!!) open source image editor, like Photoshop (but with its own learning curve).
Adam Zsoldos: For Smart Crosshair
Other Morrowind Modders: For many many mods!
Not Least of all: for your great site! Hunt mods is so much easier with nexus, may you never leave us :-)

FYI: If you like to get a custom to work with OpenMW you would have to edit HUD_Crosshair_Owned in the skin configuration file:
Example:    <Resource type="ResourceSkin" name="HUD_Crosshair_Owned" size="32 32" texture="textures\">