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Harsher and more dynamic weather. Worsening blight storms, with roaming beasts and airborne diseases. Traveling through the Blight is especially dangerous. Modular and fully configurable.

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Sol's Blight / Weather Mod Pack

Weather is harsher and more dynamic. Blight storms can happen anywhere, and are getting worse. Blighted beasts wander, and the blight is airborne. Traveling is especially dangerous. Modular and fully configurable.

Use Better Blight with this mod to make the blight diseases you'll be getting more unique and interesting! And dangerous!

[Deadly Blight]
Concept adapted from Blight Is Coming ( and Blight Storms Restored ( Note, this is more dynamic, but probably less lore-friendly than Half11's mods, which will only spawn corprus beasts, as they are said to "follow the blight storms".

While in a blight storm, every minute, there is a chance 1-3 corprus or blighted beasts will spawn around you. This timer is accelerated by travelling through the blight storm (and changing cells). Additionally, when you chance cells in a blight storm, there is a chance you will encounter blight disease. When this happens, there is a chance you will catch a blight disease, reduced by your blight resistance and the weight of your helmet (25% reduction for light, 33% for medium, 50% for heavy). You cannot catch the same disease twice. The script is killed after Dagoth Ur is defeated.

Global Variables
  •  - modify in console with "Set VARIABLENAME to VALUE" command.
  •  - E.g. Set solDeadlyBlightCorprus to 10
  • solDeadlyBlightCorprus
  • - Spawn rate in percent on timer / cell change of corprus beasts.
  • - Default 10.
  • solDeadlyBlightBlighted
  •  - Spawn rate in percent on timer / cell change of blighted beasts.
  •  - If Corprus probability is too high, this probability will be reduced / excluded.
  •  - Default 20.
  • solDeadlyBlightDisease
  •  - Encounter rate in percent on cell change with blight diseases.
  •  - Default 10.

[Blight By Day]
Every day, there is a chance a blight storm will trigger in all regions of Vvardenfell. This base probability increases with every day that passes, in a sigmoid curve shape, asymptotically approaching 50% probability. You can control the shape of this curve by determining how many days it takes for it to reach 25% base probability. Additionally, there is a safety factor that increases the probability slightly for every day in a row that a storm does not happen. Eventually, the blight storms rolling off Red Mountain WILL breach the Ghost Fence. The script is killed after Dagoth Ur is defeated.

Global Variables
  • solBlightDayQuarter
  •  - Number DaysPassed required for base storm chance to hit 25%.
  •  - Default 500.

[Weather Rebalance]
Concept and numbers adapted from Creeping Blight (

All regions are allowed to have more diverse weather patterns. Adverse weather types are made more likely in all regions, including ash storms, especially in regions near Red Mountain. It can snow in Sheogorad. After Dagoth Ur's defeat, Red Mountain can have more diverse weather. The script will run once when first loaded, will update after Dagoth Ur is defeated, and then is killed.

The Weather Rebalance module will conflict or be overwritten by any mod that changes regional weather. The Dagoth Ur death portion of all mods will break if other mods change how that part of the main quest journal stage works. The blight mods should be compatible with basically everything though.

Me. Half11 for Blight Is Coming and Blight Storms Restored. Necrolesian for Creeping Blight