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Restores the function of catching blight disease while out in a blight storm.

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Blight storms are reddish ashstorms that carry the Blight. Due to the danger of infection, residents of Vvardenfell often advise against travelling during an storm. The function of catching blight diseases in blight storms unfortunately didn't make it into the release of the game. Its existence is however suggested in the Morrowind.ini (Disease Chance=.10), but this option does nothing in the game. This is why I dicided to add the function of catching blight disease while out in a blight storm to the game:

• Players now have a 10% chance (in accords to the Morrowind.ini) of contracting one of the four blight diseases, when they end up in a blight storm. The 10% chance is calculated on cellchange into a blight storm. It can thus be calculated several times in the same storm. How often it is calculated depends on the distance you travel in the storm. There is therefore an advantage in seeking shelter.
• Resist Blight Disease is being taken in account in the script that is responsible for the probability of cathing blight disease. Every % Resist Blight Disease reduces the chance to contract a blight disease (100% resist makes you immune).
*Spoiler Alert* Added a condition so players won't catch blight disease from storms after Dagoth Ur has been defeated, to do justice to the lore:
"The Nerevarine [...] killed Dagoth Ur, and in so doing, cut the source of the Ashblight, effectively eliminating it. Afterwards, the ashstorms lost their red tint and became simple ashstorms again."

• Initially this started out as an addon to my Diseases Restored mod. However, I can see why people would want this as a separate feature. This is why I decided to release it separately.
• Blight should not be confused with Corprus. This mod has nothing to do with catching the Corprus disease or altering the progression of the main questline in any way.


Copy the .ESP file into your Morrowind\Data Files folder. Activate the mod in the Morrowind launcher.

Although there is no hard conflict, you probably don't want to use my mod alongside Merlord's Frostwind - A Camping Survival Mod ⁠— as the later comes with its own mechanics for
catching blight disease while out in a blight storm.

Thanks to Melchior Dahrk & R-Zero for specifying the lore behind blight storms.
Thanks to Sendai45 for the orginal blight storm script.
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.