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Wise Women now voiced in HQ, based on Fallout 2's Village Elder, Fallout 3's Carol, Fallout 4's Holly, and... TBD.

Permissions and credits
Voices of Vvardenfell Unofficial Addon - The Wisest Women

For now, only Sinnamu Mirpai is voiced (100% done, minus idles which are on the to-do list). I plan on covering all Wise Women, and maybe even all female Ashlanders, but I'm hesitant to give them all the same voice unless I can't find any good alternatives. There's only one female Dunmer voice in Skyrim and I have another character in mind for that. The only suitable candidate I can think of right now would be the female ghoul voice from Fallout 4. Lmk if you have any suggestions or ideas.


Thanks to Audrey Wasilewski for providing the Fallout 3 voice (FemaleGhoulGeneric) that this is based on.

Thanks to Kezyma & tewlwolow for the awesome framework that made this possible. Kezyma's Voices of Vvardenfell is required for the lines to play in-game.

Thanks to ElevenLabs for their awesome AI tool that has revolutionized the potential of modding.

Thanks to Bethesda Game Studios & Bethesda Softworks for making these games.

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I make no profit from this whatsoever, and I renounce any and all rights to this mod and its files. Anyone is
free to use them as they wish, but I assume no responsibility for
others' violations of ElevenLabs' terms or any attempts to use them to
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illegally, maliciously, or unethically, and I strongly urge you not to do these things.