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Vivec now 100% voiced in HQ, based on Aradesh from Fallout.

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I was never a fan of Vivec's voice in ESO. He sounded way too humdrum, like Ondolemar with Meridia's voice filter. His cut voice lines in Morrowind are somehow far worse.

This how I always imagined Vivec would sound like. Funnily enough, I had this specific voice in mind long before I ever thought it possible to be made a reality. He's a monk, a warrior, a poet, a trickster, a ruler, a dualistic entity, and a god, and your now interactions with him will better reflect these traits. He has a sort of Indian accent because I always thought that the name Vivec, among many other aspects of Dunmeri culture, took inspiration from Hindu. It also brings some more diversity to the TES world rather than having all the non-beast accents be various shades of English.

As always, I grant everyone permission to do whatever they want with my files in terms of merges, patches, modpacks, etc. -- good mods belong to everyone. PM me if you need specific permissions.