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Arrows and thrown weapons always do damage when they hit a target, but projectiles are less accurate at lower marksman levels, and damage is reduced at close range.

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´╗┐Realistic Archery
by Merlord

This mod overhauls the Marksman skill to be more realistic and visually intuitive. Arrows and other projectiles no longer visibly hit a target and "miss" from RNG. Instead, your marksman skill actually determines the trajectory of your arrows and thrown weapons.

  • Projectiles no longer "miss", if they physically hit a target, they do damage
  • Marksman skill now determines the accuracy of the projectile's trajectory: at lower levels an arrow may not go exactly where you aimed it
  • Crouching also improves the accuracy of your projectiles
  • To balance low level marksman hitting things every time at close range, damage is now reduced if you are too close to your enemy
  • The range at which damage starts to be reduced is also based on Marksman skill
  • Scatter amount, damage range and damage reduction all configurable in the MCM
  • This affects both the player, NPCs, and creatures (such as skeletons)
  • Requires MGE XE and MWSE (run the MWSE-updater.exe that comes with MGE XE)
  • Not compatible with Marksman Rebalanced, consider this a spiritual successor to that mod.