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The modification makes the disposition of NPCs towards the player more realistic. Increases the number of amazing voice lines you'll hear per game.

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The hostility of Morrowind is legendary. The population does not like the outlanders, and no one likes former criminals. But... is it really so? Most often, a player at the start has 30-40 personality points, which gives 40-45 disposition level. It's just slightly below average! He rises up the career ladder and quickly becomes a full member of society. Moreover, at 100 personality points, the player have 75 disposition and automatically becomes a friend to everyone. Since friendship, judging by the voice lines, most often begins at 70 disposition
level. Some smugglers in their caves just don't want to attack such a handsome man!
All this causes a number of problems:
1. Personality is a useless attribute. Everyone loves the player almost from the start of the game. Telvanni Bug Musk, Masque of Clavicus Vile are useless.
2. Player will miss 10-20% of audio content recorded for a disposition level below 40.

Morrowind is a traditional RPG game, where the parameters of the character decide everything. You have 30 speed - you can barely run. You have 30 strength - you hit weakly and cannot carry weights. And if you have 30 personality - you're just ugly, you don't speak well and no one wants to communicate with you. It must piss you off, and you must give up strength, intelligence,or other combat-important attributes in order to communicate normally.   
The good thing is that all this is easy to fix with a simple GMST mod. Its usefulness, first of all, is that the desired setting never gets into the combined modifications, since it is still situational. And you also need a detailed description for it, so that everyone canchoose the optimal value for themselves. Therefore, I made several presets so that everyone can choose the right option.

Base preset (25 disposition level at 30 personality points). The player always has access to all services from the start of the game. Some NPCs will give you first advice. To get more information about the world and latest rumors, you need to raise the personality to 40 points. A character's personality level below 40 has an immediate effect on the game, albeit not as much. 100 personality points give a 60 disposition level. In my opinion, this corresponds much better to the realities of the game. I recommend this preset to absolutely everyone for the best immersion in the game world.

Hard preset (15 disposition level at 30 personality points). Services are provided only to a player with 40 personality points. Everyone else must give bribes, which makes the game much more difficult at the start. No one else will tell you the latest rumors and give you moreinformation about the world until you become more attractive! Personality is now a very useful attribute! 100 personality points give a 50 disposition level. An attractive outlander is treated like an ordinary member of society. This preset is for advanced players who want extradifficulty because it completely changes the gameplay for races with 25-35 start personality.

Renegade preset (5 disposition level at 30 personality points). Morrowind is really unfriendly now. Everyone just hates you. Even an Imperial with 50 Personality points at the start of the game will be denied services. Get ready to give away most of your money just to get it. 100 personality points give a 40 disposition level. I recommend this preset for masters of the game and those who want to get new experiences from it's incredibly difficult start.

Light preset (30 disposition level at 30 personality points). This option is for casual players who ho want small changes, for alternate start or global mods like SHOTN or Province Cyrodiil. 100 personality points give a 65 disposition level, only 10 less than vanilla.

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  • Compatibility:
The mod is compatible with absolutely everything, the main thing is to keep it last in the load order. You can always safely enable or disable this mod at any point in the game. Only Morrowind.esm is required. Plugin is clean.