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This mod makes all atronachs the same power. As the player levels up, these Daedra will also gain strength every 5 levels up to 30 level. They can cast spells every 30 seconds, and their damage depends on the attack animation.

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Most players are wary of rebalances. It's not easy enough to make creatures more interesting without deviating far from the original. When fighting atronachs, it always upset me that some are stronger than others, although the elements should be equal. In addition, they lost power too quickly, dying in one hit. I tried to make these Daedra equal in strength and a little more interesting, while preserving the spirit of the original as much as possible.
At the start of the game, the atronachs are almost identical to the original ones, but their strength will gradually increase with the level of the hero, reaching its peak at level 30. Maybe you remember the Dire Frost Atronachs from Bloodmoon? Now all atronachs at player level 25 will look very similar to them. I didn't make changes to the leveled lists, trying to keep this mod as compatible as possible. Flame atronachs will still spawn first, then Frost will be added to them, and last of all Storm ones. However, they will all gain strength over time, without differing in power and not letting the player get bored. Moreover, this mod supports 4 levels of difficulty, each of which contains changes to the previous levels. Choose how far you're willing to go:

  • 1. I Heart Vanilla (enabled by default after installing the mod):
Now the strength of each physical attack depends on its animation. For example, if the Frost Atronach hits with a blade or the Storm Atronach attacks with two hands, the damage will be much greater. The average damage from three attacks remained the same, I just redistributed the damage depending on the animation. This also adds interest to the game, since several weak or strong attacks can go in a row. You will better feel the unpredictability of the battle.
The damage of each elemental ball from atronach spells will also increase with player levels. Initially, each atronach's spell damage is exactly the same as the original 13 DPS, and increases to 20 DPS by player level 30. You should now avoid their spells without elemental resistance. Storm Atronach has a lightning shield spell, but only used it on OpenMW. All atronachs now have this spell at level 15. These shields do not harm the player, but they look nice. So it's more of a cosmetic change to match the original game.
As the player's level increases, the attributes and stats of the atronachs also become identical. At the start of the game, the creatures on any difficulty level are nearly identical to the original game. The Combat value for the Flame and Frost Atronachs has been changed from 60 to 70 to match the level of the Storm Atronach. Also Frost Atronach damage has been adjusted. Previously, he was in the middle of the hierarchy, but in practice is the weakest of the three. It's all about the Flame Atronach's attack animation being twice as fast. As a result, its damage is fully comparable to the damage of the Storm Atronach, whose level is twice as high. Therefore, I significantly increased the damage of the Frost Atronach to keep the balance. To compensate for this, the Frost Atronach magicka has been scaled down a bit. Now he, just like the Flame one, can only use his spell 4 times up to the 10th level of the player. 
The value of Stealth skills (responsible for the creature's ability to detect) has been increased from 20 to 90. The developers did not pay attention to this, I came to the conclusion that they should be equal to the highest value of Combat or Magic skills.
The blood color of all creatures has been changed. The Flame Atronach has metallic sparks instead of blood. Frost and Storm Atronachs received white dust instead of blood. The only thing where it was difficult to achieve the ideal was the size of the soul. Now Flame Atronach has 130 soul value, Frost 140 and Storm 150.
At this difficulty level, all creatures gain 12 health points per level and increases it and agility by 10 every 5 levels up to 30. Creature speed also increases slightly.

  • Expanded Vanilla (open the console and type "set prd to 1"):
This difficulty level complements the Atronach's passive abilities. Creatures have received the ability "immune to paralysis", as by nature they should have such immunity. Flame Atronach's ability "weakness to cold 60%" has been changed to "weakness to cold 50%". (Frost already has "weakness to fire 50%"). Flame and Frost Atronachs have received 75% Poison Resistance like the Storm Atronach, and 50% shock resistance to compensate for their own vulnerabilities to the opposite element. Atronach immunity to own element increased from 100% to 9999%. You can no longer kill atronachs with their own element when combined with a cheap weakness spells.
At this difficulty level, all creatures gain 13,33 health points per level and increases it agility by 15 every 5 levels up to 30. The speed of creatures increases more.

  • Overhaul (open the console and type "set prd to 2"):
This difficulty level is more likely to be considered as 2+, since the increase in the parameters of creatures corresponds to level 2. Atronachs now regenerate mana every second and are able to cast an additional spell every 30 seconds. Also, starting at level 20, they gain a small amount of spell absorption, which reaches a maximum of 30 points by level 30. Creatures should also have weaknesses, so I gave them the ability "weakness to magicka 25%".
Exclusive to OpenMW: Atronachs at this level, starting at level 20, combine the first attacking elemental ball with a magic shield. This combo attack also repeats over time. The damage from the shield is very weak, but it is present.

  • Hardcore (open the console and type "set prd to 3"):
If you don't like easy ways, atronachs become really scary by level 30. Artifacts and especially Boots of BS will allow the player to easily defeat them in combat. But standing next to them and looking them in the face with a smile will no longer work. They will kill you, quickly.
At this difficulty level, all creatures gain 15 health points per level and increases it and agility and luck by 20 every 5 levels up to 30. Spell damage increased to 30 damage per second. The speed of creatures is growing very quickly.

  • Summons:
The summoned atronachs fully inherit all the changes, but of course they do not improve with the level, as in the original game.

  • Special creatures:
From "Azura's Quest" - are no different from other atronachs.
From quest "Pilgrimage to Mount Kand" - fixed at level 15, but fully inherits the changes.
Nomeg Gwai from quest "A Cure for Vampirism" - apparently made in a hurry, had no spells and abilities, is now fixed at level 30 and received all the necessary spells and abilities. Fully inherits the changes. The strongest atronach in the game.
From quest "The Skaal Test of Strength" (MTB version) - fixed at level 25, but fully inherits the changes. To live up to their name, the Dire Frost Atronachs retained slightly higher attributes, skills, and damage.

  • Switching difficulty levels:
Difficulty levels can be changed at any time using the console. After the change creatures outside the location will change for the whole game. I Heart Vanilla ("set prd to 0"), Expanded Vanilla ("set prd to 1"), Overhaul ("set prd to 2"), Hardcore mode ("set prd to 3").

  • Help me make the mod better:
I tried very hard to make this mod interesting for everyone. If you have any requests or comments - please let me know. If the fight has become too difficult or easy - too. Remember that creatures get stronger every 5 levels you have. You can safely remove this mod in the middle of the game if you don't like it. Installation is also possible at any time.

This mod requires Morrowind and Bloodmoon. Plugin is clean. 
This mod works on vanilla engine, including MGEXE (MWSE is not required) or OpenMW (highly recommended).