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MWSE-lua mod that adds new mechanics related to Morag Tong, solving some inconsistencies between gameplay, dialogues and lore, and making being part of the religious cult of assassins a more unique experience, exploring its twin nature of secrecy and legality.

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Morag Tong is my favourite guild. Sadly, it's very underdevelloped. As a result we have lots of inconsistencies.

Lorewise, your membership in Morag Tong is supposed to be a secret, however, in practise random people during the quests seem to know about your affilation with the guild. Similar thing goes with Morag Tong being very concerned about the moral character of its members. In practice you can commit crimes while being a member of Morag Tong, with no reprecussion.

In general I feel that lack of unique gameplay harms the narrative and doesn't allow to experience the twin nature of
secrecy and legality of Morag Tong as it's supposed to be.


This mod fixes these issues by adding new gameplay mechanics

  • Double Identity. Your membership in Morag Tong is a secret for those who are not part of
  • the guild. People will assume that you are from Morag Tong and use related dialogues only if you openly wear specific items, configurable in the MCM, or if you have already revealed your identity to them. Make sure to put on your Morag Tong gear in order to present writs to the guards!
  • Identity Revelation. When people see you wear/put on/put off Morag Tong items and assassinate the targets of
  • the writs they remember it. More witnesses means more gossip and eventually you status as a Morag Tong member will become well known. Your Masters won't look kindly on revealing the secrets of the guild and will expell you if such thing happens.
  • Keeping the secret. Extra layers of clothing, like a robe on top of a cuirass or cuirass on top of a shirt, will conceal your items. Wearing a closed helm with Morag Tong items will allow you to stay incognito but will also limit you abilities to communicate with npcs. You can also decrease you revelation status by killing witnesses, however it can easily create even more troubles.
  • Moral Character. Morag Tong highly values its reputation as an honorable guild. Commiting any
  • crime, other than attacking and killing the target of a writ is a reason for being expelled from Morag Tong. Either be completely law abiding or never get caught.¬†
  • Masters Privileges. Starting from a certain rank¬† (Master by default) Morag Tong will loosen
  • its restrictions for you. You will not be expelled from the guild for revealing your identity, moreover if you managed to keep your membership in Morag Tong a complete secret, you will not be expelled for commiting crimes.