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Business mod: Get a diamond mine up and running and operational.

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'The Erengard Mines' was a mod released by Graphite sometime in the early 2000s because he wanted a way to make money besides killing and looting. So, he designed this mod, set up as a business venture to accomplish that end. I loved his original mod, but I thought there were ways it could be improved and at long last, I felt confident enough in my modding skills to make those improvements. So, now we have the Erengard Mine Redux. Much of what Graphite did is preserved. My changes are mostly aesthetic with a few exceptions but the heart and soul of the mod is all him!

There's a bit of a quest to acquire the mine and you'll need money, mining picks and food items to get it rolling. You will need to hire miners and there is an option to hire guards and an overseer.

The mine is located in the Bitter Coast in -5, -7. To get there, follow the Odai River south of Balmora. When you reach the Ashen Divide, look up and left and you should see the bunkhouse. The mine itself is nearby. If you pass the bridge, you've gone too far. Go into the office and talk to Pulliv. You can also start the quest without talking to Pulliv. He'll tell you everything else you need to know. More specifics in the Read Me.

This mod is compatible with OAAB: The Ashen Divide.
This mod is not compatible with Morrowind Rebirth.

OPENMW users: Do not use the MC version of this mod. MC 3.0 added foods that were not in 2.1 that were added to the Erengard food script. If you want to be able to use the MC version, you will have to remove the extra food items from the script.

Please don't run this with an existing save with the original mod on. I've changed enough stuff that it would break your game. Start with a new game.

Improvements from the original:

Office and mine workers are housed in the bunkhouse instead of in the mine itself. Got rid of the ugly shack. I never thought it made sense that the miners wouldn't have proper housing given how valuable diamonds are. It didn't make sense that the office would be a crappy shack instead of a proper building.

Condensed this mod from taking up part of -5, -6 and -5, -7 to just taking part of -5, -7.

The terrain outside has been improved to make it look like there's a path from bunkhouse to mine.

A few scripts have been fixed to resolve some issues from the original mod.

To all of you, thank you so much for your talents, skills and assets!

Graphite: He made the original mod and I've preserved as much as possible. My changes are mainly aesthetic, but the heart of the mod is all him! Graphite, if you ever see this, thank you for giving me permission to do what I wanted with this. I still love your mod after all these years.

Melchior Dahrk: Exterior path from bunkhouse to mine and fiddled with the placement of the exterior house and it's much better now; steam for water basins.

Toccatta and Drac: Troubleshooting scripting issues and made this work as intended. Thank you for making this mod function better! I'd still be swearing at it if not for you two!

Stuporstar: Bar cupboards in kitchen and water basins.

Vegetto: Icebox.

Eddie5: Wrote me a script for the mine door so it will be locked and unlocked at the appropriate times.

Danae and Drac: Answered a couple of dialogue and scripting questions and cheerleading and more thanks to Drac for testing.

AlienSlof: We were writing story #7 in our newest series of Basil and Leah stories at the time, and our brainstorming for that story inspired me to update this mod.

This is not compatible with Resplendent Rethan: Jewel of the Odai - reported landscape tears between the two mods.