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Staves now have casting utility, boosting cast chance while staves are equipped!

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MWSE only (for now)

This is a mod that I had a lot of help in creating, honestly the people named in the mod did the majority of heavy lifting while showing me how .lua modding worked I just had this deep desire and idea for this fun little thing.

The way this mod works is that it increases your base chance of being able to cast a spell while having a staff at the ready. This means that the "swift cast" MCP addition needs to be enabled for this mod to function properly.

The multiplier bonus is dependent on the base value of the staff that you are utilizing. as showcased by this handy table below!

  • Value < 50 = base chance *1.5
  • < 100 = bc * 2
  • < 200 = bc * 2.5
  • <1000 = bc * 3
  • < 10000 = bc * 3.5
  • > 9999 = bc * 4
  • This means if you have spell that has a 25% chance of working and you use a cheap staff while trying to cast it, it will now be a 37.5% chance of being cast. However the most expensive staff on the same 25% chance will now be 100%. It really does have a exponential effect. And in a game like Morrowind if you are able to get a very expensive and powerful item waaay before you are a high enough level to normally get such... Yea!

This mod automatically works with any staff weapon added to the game (granted they are given the proper weapon type by the modder) and is intended for usse with Killing Spree so that there is a larger variety of staves in the game. However it does work just fine with all the base weapon staves in vanilla Morrowind.

Updated! Now there is an indication in game that the staves were tampered with! If you look at any staff in game, you should see in the tooltip the spell casting chance modification! Sadly I don't know how to actually alter the indivdual "Cast chance" Numbers in your spell list to showcase the new cast chance numbers while the weapon is equipped and active. BUT I at least have something showcasing that the weapons were altered! And if you do any amount of testing, you should see the differences too if you don't trust me!

So the wonderful Ohayo has figured out how to make the spell list actually show the alteration of the spellcasting chance when you equip the staves that exist in the game! It still doens't produce the cast chance increase unless you have the weapon out and are using the "quick casting" feature from the MCP. But otherwise this is should be the final version ever released for this mod!

I hope this weird little mod is fun to play with~

Main irk and hopeful potential update soon: So, this mod has been tested by me extensively, and while this 1.0 version works as intended, I cannot find a way to make the increased chance to cast reflect to the player in any other way than just casting themselves. I am currently working on, and with the help of the modding discord, trying to figure out how to add a message in the game or some sort of indication to show to the player that it is indeed active.

Just have to trust that the mod is working as intended when you are utilizing it. It has been tested, and it works exactly as intended as far as increasing chance to cast goes.

Installation ---
It's a .lua file so just utilize your favorite mod manager to install this thing, or install it manually if you know how to install a .lua file!