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Adds the Imperial Knights into the game, as a joinable faction.

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The Imperial Knights is an obscure vanilla faction with minimal lore available. In dialogue, they are mentioned as the upper echelons of the Imperial Legion and the faction itself is available in the construction set. However, the faction doesn't have any members, and you cannot join them or do any quests for them. This mod remedies that, and adds the faction into the game. Even better, you can join them now.

Features of this mod include:

- 14 new NPCs for the faction, properly integrated into the world: they are scattered around logical places in Ebonheart, such as the Grand Council Chambers or the Hawkmoth Legion Garrison
- The opportunity to join this faction and rise through their ranks by completing vanilla quests in a manner that is worthy of a knight: being fearless in battle, acting honorably, protecting the weak, standing up against injustice etc. (You will be informed about the faction's 'chivalric code' to get the idea, you don't need to memorize this right now, don't worry. There are also some examples among the screenshots.)

Perks of joining the faction:

- A new guildhall, which you can use: beds to sleep in, some storage
- A supply chest with restocking equipment that you can take from time-to-time
- Disposition increase with the other Imperial factions, such as the Imperial Legion, the Imperial Cult, or the Mages' Guild
- The chance to become a Paladin one day (highest rank of the Imperial Knights faction)
- The faction is integrated with my other mod: No one is Above the Law. If you use that mod, the Imperial Knights would also expel you if you are caught breaking the law (The mod does not require No one is Above the Law to work, but if you use the two together you would experience full compatibility)

Obscure lore:

- One of my goals with this mod was to expand upon some obscure lore in the Elder Scrolls universe. By playing this mod, you will get answers to the following questions:
- What is the Imperial Knights faction, what is their story?
- How is the early Imperial Legion different than today's Imperial Legion?
- What is the story of cavalry and knights in Imperial military history?
- What are the origins of the concept of knighthood and chivalry and how did it develop throughout the ages?
- What is the difference between an Imperial Knight, a knight in the Imperial Legion, and a knight of any other chivalric order?
- What is the significance of being a Paladin? (The highest rank in the Imperial Knights)

To begin:

When you are Knight of the Imperial Dragon in the Imperial Legion, talk with any of the new Imperial Knights in Ebonheart: they will invite you to their order

Q: Okay, I'm going to address the elephant in the room: Rebirth? BCOM?

A: Yes, yes, the mod should be compatible with any of the "let's redesign the cities of Morrowind completely" mods because the new NPCs are all in interior cells, and you can access the guildhall from an interior cell too (there is a new door added to the Imperial Guard Garrison of Castle Ebonheart). EXTERIOR CELLS ARE NOT TOUCHED AT ALL.