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All Books each have their own unique customized design & are color-coded by subject.

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This mod replaces EVERY single book in the vanilla game with its own customized color-coded design.

All the books are now EASILY identifiable due to each being color-coded according to the subject as well as the book titles located on the spine. This allows one to easily tell at a glance what type of book it is.

Every book is unique. Each design has been well thought out, often showcasing the core moments of the story.
With each one being truly special & unique, finding and displaying them is a joy.

You can now identify, collect and display books easily.

(Compatible with BOTH Vanilla & OpenMW)
(please note: Bethesda dev's unwittingly placed many books upside down. fixing that is beyond the scope of this mod. but rest assured every single book texture has been double checked & are all rotated properly. including while using the melchiors magnificent manuscripts mod. so please consider that before reporting any issues.
"Perfect Placement" mod maybe used to manually rotate books) 


This mod is recommended to be used with Melchoirs Magnificent Manuscripts by Melchior Dahrk
Which is primarily a model replacer for the book models in the game. Be sure to install the included patch.

This mod is recommended to be used with Book Worm by Merlord (requires mwse)
This mod will display the text "(Read)" next to the names of any books that you have previously read. This only applies to books that have been read since this mod was installed. You must reach the final page of a book for it to be marked as read.

This mod is recommended to be used with Perfect Placement by Hrnchamd (requires mwse)
This mod allows you to easily place & rotate books as well as pretty much every other item. It has a lot of features including interactive placement, rotation and wall mounting of items. Arrange gear, books and anything else you can pick up.