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Nord's windows have a wooden shutter, open in the day and closed at night.

Permissions and credits
Nords shut your windows!


I. Requirements
II. Description
III. Compatibility
IV. Installation and Removal
V. Credits and permissions
VI. Suggested mods

I. Requirements:

- Morrowind
- Tribunal
- Bloodmoon
- Glow in the Darhk

II. Description

Original vanilla's Nordics windows are closed by wood and the GitG patch gives us the chance to make them in glass, glowing at night.
This choice always disturbed me, why couldn't I have both? So here comes "Nords shut your windows!".

Now the Nord's windows have a wooden shutter, open in the day and closed at night.
Maximum immersion still retains all the GitD options.

The mod folders come as follows:

  00 - Core Files
            Contains all the required meshes and textures using the SVNR imperial set as base.

  01 - Vanilla style
            Windows uses the original vanilla stones.

  02 - Interior sunrays
            Adds interior sunrays to the windows.

  03 - Vanilla style sunrays
             Adds interior sunrays to the windows vanilla style.
III. Compatibility

At the moment the mod is not compatible with Glow in the Darhk 3.0

It works on the latest OpenMW.

Is not compatible with other nord's windows replacer.

This mod requires Morrowind Graphic Extender (MGE-XE) version 0.10.1. Older versions will not work with MWSE 2.0+!
Additionally, it will require the latest nightly build of MWSE 2.1.

All things you should already have if you use glow in darhk.

IV. Installation and Removal

Manager: Mod Organizer 2 or Wrye Mash is highly recommended for easy installation, activation, and removal.

Manual: Extract contents of "00 - Core Files" folder to your Morrowind Data Files directory, overwrite if needed, then extract the contents of any desired patch folders, let those overwrite, and finally enable any desired plugins in the Morrowind Launcher. To remove this mod, simply deactivate its plugins.

Install this mod AFTER glow in the darhk

V. Credits

SVNR for the windows meshes.
MelchiorDahrk for Glow in the Dahrk.
RubberMan for his meshes and textures.

Feel free to modify this as you see fit.