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Merlord and XeroFoxx

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Adds new skooma mechanics including animated skooma pipe smoking, psychedelic shaders and sound effects, and skooma addiction.

Permissions and credits

  • You can now smoke moon sugar with a skooma pipe, giving you the same effects as drinking skooma
  • Simply equip a skooma pipe from your inventory or activate it in the world while you have moon sugar in your inventory
  • Includes 1st and 3rd person animations made by Greatness7

  • While under the effects of skooma, you will experience hallucinations
  • Includes psychedelic visuals and trippy sound effects

  • Every time you drink skooma or smoke moon sugar, you have a chance of becoming addicted
  • Once addicted, after 2 days of not having any skooma you will start to suffer withdrawal symptoms
  • To recover from your addiction, you must go 5 full days without having skooma

  • Make sure MGE XE is installed
  • Run the MWSE-update.exe to ensure MWSE is at the very latest version
  • Unpack the files into your Data Files directory, or use a mod manager
  • Install the shader to the end of your shader list in MGE XE (see screenshot below)

  • Scripting by Merlord
  • Shader by XeroFoxx and Vtastek
  • Sound effects by XeroFoxx
  • Animations by Greatness7