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The Harvest's End Festival will take place in Ebonheart! Part of the May Modathon Month.

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Part of the May Modathon Month

For the vanilla Imperial Cult quest, "Shirt and Vest for Harvest's End," you have to acquire a shirt with a vest for the so-called "Harvest's End Festival." This mod makes it feel like your actions have consequences in the world of the game, and the Harvest's End Festival will actually take place after you complete the quest. The festival starts at the beginning of the quest after the "Shirt and Vest for Harvest's End," which is about collecting Cyrodiil Brandies. The festival ends when you complete that quest. The festival takes place in the courtyard of Castle Ebonheart, where you can enter the Imperial Cult shrine.

- Enjoy the fruits of the harvest: free bread and Mazte for everyone!
- Some colorful characters with unique dialogue: a drunk farmer, a couple dancing, a bard, a clairevoyant who tells the future of those who attend the festival etc.
- Buy a red shirt and vest if you don't have one already (commentary on the nature of the Imperial Cult: They make their lay servants beg for these items to be donated, then they sell it for a profit and so on)
- Colorful lanterns as decorations, which especially looks great at night

Compatibility with Rebirth, Beautiful Cities of Morrowind and similar mods:

Most likely yes. The festival takes place at the courtyard of Ebonheart, because to my best knowledge these mods do not modify that area. (I'm not using any city mods myself, it is based on a few people I've asked, screenshots, and Morrowind Modding Showcases videos) This is already a compromise from my part: I wanted the festival to take place on the streets, but I put it inside the courtyard of Castle Ebonheart especially to appease city mod people. The festival has to take place somewhere in the city, you have to understand that. The farmers can't just go out to the middle of the Molag Amur region to celebrate. If you have a city mod with which this one is incompatible, it's an all right thing for me if you don't download my mod, but I cannot just move my stuff around indefinitely to keep it compatible with everything, it has to be put somewhere. In other words: it's to my best knowledge compatible with Rebirth and Beautiful Cities of Morrowind, not sure about other city mods, but I'm not willing to move it around any more if it's not, so please don't ask me to do that.

Q: Is it intentional that the vibe of this festival is a bit awkward?

A: Yes, it's a religious festival, not an Ariana Grande concert, I have tried to achieve the "bit awkward" vibe intentionally. I believe that it's more authentic this way, as opposed to being a wild party.